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Cyst on my thyroid

A recent ultrasound confirmed I have a large cystic nodule on the left side of my thyroid which because of the size the consultation recommends I have removed. The cyst is thought to be benign. My thyroid test was confirmed to be normal. My concerns is by having the nodule removed one of the side effects could be that thyroid function will be effected and I will be on tablets. If I don't have the operation the cyst could bleed, become infected or cancerous, but how likely is that? Does anyone know a good consult I could see in East London?

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Email me for our list of 'good' NHS endos.




HI I have lots of nodules, but cannot do anything because too ill with other conditions. It is not clear have you had a Biopsy.? I have lots of cysts on my liver, kidneys and elsewhere , which bleed and make me very ill., I cannot have Biopsies, the easiest way to see what is happening with any cysts and I cannot of course have any surgery. Without a Biopsy , it is impossible for a doctor to tell. If you are just having the biopsy ,done by a good radiologist with an ultra sound. If this has been done and they still say you need it removed, then i would way up the Pros and cons with advice from a "good" specialist Surgeons are very reluctant to operate now a days unless they believe it is the best choice.

I hope this helps you to clarify.

Best wishes,


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I definitely would advise you do nothing unless it is causing you issues, or is cancerous. I had a 2cm nodule removed along with 2/3rds of my thyroid in 2010. No probs with the op and my thyroid was functioning normally until 6 weeks after the op and I found I was HypoT.

I have since read that taking Selenium can help reduce nodules or slow down the growth at least, one lady said hers had disappeared. I only wish I had known this before but I was scared into believing it might be cancer. I live in Bulgaria and they always recommend removal - bad move on my part and lots of others I've read about since having the same.


Thanks for all your replies. I think i will seek a second opinion by a good specialist. Just to clarify I had 10-15mls of fluid aspirated from my thyroid but procedure was inclusive because of lack of epithelial cells. If possible I would like a biopsy to rule out cancer, and I would like to watch for any changes in cystic nodule (size 4cm). I am worried about having part of thyroid removed and ending up with thyroid and other health problems. I will do some research on Selenium.



I just thought I'd ask to see what has changed if anything re your cyst?

As I am in a similar situation. Have you found a good endo , and have you managed to keep your thyroid, if so are you having it drained intermittently..

Many thanks



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