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Thyroid Cyst Yipppeeee - Part 2

Ok sorry for not putting the next exciting episode on my blog...

Right my report is and I quote "A large complex nodule is demontstrated (Why is it demonstating...!!!!) in the posterior aspect of the left lobe of thyroid measured at 2.5cm (just under an inch) max diameter. Further discrete nodules is (is shouldn't that be are!!!!!) also noted in the left lobe. There is no mediastinal mass or adenopathy (thats the good news as its not cancerous) So the ENT Specialist is going through this and explaining in simple english terms (she needs to for 100euros for 10 mins!!!) saying how good it was of my Dr to refer me....oh hang on I said it was me who insisted, the Dr had just said all my bloods were normal and basically off you go!!! Quick change of tack from ENT Specialist!!! Don't you just love em!!! So I'm now being referred to a Surgeon as she thinks the best way forward would be to havet Cyd removed (Cyd is the name we have Christened the Cyst!!) They would remove Cyd plus the part of the thyroid its attached too. My hero husband jumps in and says what are the othe other options. Well theres always the fine needle, which basically would drain Cyd and then I would have to have ultra sounds to make sure all was well...but she said I think the best way forward is to have it removed. Now I am a lady who feels slicing and dicing is not always the best way to go, plus the fact I now only have the basic organs that are keeping me alive..ok maybe a slight exaggeration but warts and all I would like to have some of my bits left to pass onto medical sience when I kick the bucket!!! Oh and bless the Specialist I said well Cyd must have been causing the "under active thyroid" problems then... Not necessarily was the reply...5 minutes later....well this could explain the smptoms you were getting.....Couldn't you just write a book!!! Why are they so afraid of actually commiting themselves!!! ok lets not go there!!!

And just an update I have got an appointment to see the surgeon today (Friday) will update with part 3!!! :-)

So is there anybody out there who has (a) the cyst removed and part of the thyroid are you feeling, has it had any effect (like thyroid smptoms) and (b) has anybody had the "drain" option and again how are you feeling etc etc.

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You might care to read Prof. Lazarus' ( ) answer here:


And L De Groot's here:

Indeed,if you are into reading,this is a search on that site:

Interesting blog, thanks!



Thank you Rod I will right that before Neighbours is on!!! lol :-)


Hi, yes I had a 2.5 cm cyst, and they did a lobectomy , but first I had a needle biopsy done on it. Eventually I had to have the TT done as the cyst was showing early cell changes and they didn't want to risk leaving it there. The surgery was not as bad as you would expect. Keep well


Hi Orangelady, Did you have part of your thyroid removed too? Have you gone back to "normal"?

thanks for your reply too


When they remove a cyst they will remove that half of the thyroid at the same time. Then when my results from pathology came back, they said they would remove the other half As it showed some very early cell changes. That why I mentioned I had to have a TT . X


I had multi ocular goitre, and Dr though it was best to remove it because my mum had had thyroid cancer. My cyd was 5.2cm. Loved your blog. Keep smiling, and keep your thyroid as long as you can. I've felt worse since mine was removed. Xx


Hi Traceytired..thank you for your kind words ...blimey 5.2 cm you poor thing ;-( xx


:) Hi P. Good to hear that Cyd is relatively benign.

Think a lot may depend on the state of the remainder of your thyroid.

It'd need careful reading up on, and i don't have better information - but if there's for example significant thyroid auto immune disease (and attendant cellular changes) about it seems based on patient reports that this can cause problems (the thyroid can act as a focus for immune disturbances, and the antibodies can mess with the enzyme processes involved in conversion and use of hormone it seems) that eventually leave us hypothyroid.

There's some that argue that a total thyroidectomy can in this case be prefereable to struggling for years with a hard to treat form of hypothryoidism - until the remainder of the thyroid degrades to the point where a total thyroidectomy is anyway justified.

The trouble is that it seems likely to all be very tightly tied down by the guideliness issued by the various professional bodies. So that even if you can establish a preference it may not count for much as an input to treatment decisions.

If the remainder is normal then there's probably a decent prospect that it'll just need a bit of supplementation, or that it may grow back to being able to handle the load on its own.

Not to mention that you will continue to have a supply of whatever mythical (but reputedly significant) naturally arising compounds it produces that those of us on synthetic hormone after total thyroidectomies have to do without.



Hi :o) I am having surgery to remove my 2.5 cm and 'cluster of other nodules' on Monday.

I don't have right thyroid gland as this was removed many years ago due to the same thing. I noticed the same symptoms with left one around August last year. Oh yes the surgeon for some odd reason tried to put me off having it removed. I had the needle test and all came back negative ( so not cancerous) then he said ' well what next then .. we could have another appointment in six months time for another ultrasound' I said ' oh are the nodules likely to start shrinking then' ( trying to play ignorant) he said ' no they actually grow bigger' I said ' oh well best to go ahead with the removal as I feel strangled as it is'.

My GP is brill he phoned twice to try and put me on urgent list as he described them ' iceberg effect' growing inwards and not bulging outside. My thyroid readings has always come back normal but obviously I need this removal as the growths are disrupting my sleep now ( kinda presses against the pillow and blocks the airways a bit etc. all fun and games ! )

I know I'll be on the thyroxin for the rest of my life just hoping that eventually I'll get the dozage righty. I am apprehensive but not lot there is I can do as I can't take this pressure feeling in my neck much longer.

Bit pissed off too that this all process too so long and Had I agreed to wait for another 6 months etc this op would have taken place 1 1/2 years into the future.

You'll be a bit sore after the op and sometimes your voice can be hoarse for a while. I know what you mean though about the loosing a vital organ which keeps you alive ..I got this mad thought that what if the Tyroxin manufacturing stopped I'd die within few months ...( Now why would it stop ..nuclear war maybe ... then rationally thinking that I'd die of radiation sickness anyways ) Maybe I'll start hoading Tyroxin from black market ha ha haaaa

Keep us posted and I'll type something on tuesday when they discharge me from the hospital and tell people all about it !!!


Reply have the same sense of humour as me!!! Hope all goes well on Monday I will be thinking of you. I've just been to see the Surgeon and I will put all the news of days events on Thyroid Cyst yippeeee part 3!!! xx


All I can suggest everyone is don't jump into surgery as soon as you are advised to do a surgery. Trust your instinct. Listen your body and make the wise decision. I have been diagnosed with cyst and nodules that are suspiciously malignant a year ago. Bad part of the lab is they ask you why you are there first. What brought you to the ultrasound. I don't think they should be asking that question. They should do their job without any preconceived idea. I think knowing that the doc said my thyroid is swelled or telling I am feeling bla bla, will influence the technician and she or he might see things that's not there or something else that's not even thyroid cyst. I was asked to rush to the doc for a biopsy. Its been almost a year now. I am not bragging, I am taking my chance. I have a 10 year old daughter and we live here in USA with no family around. My hubby himself is a child without much knowledge of anything. So If I am gone I can't even imagine the situation. Anyway I thought If I didn't go for the ultrasound I would have found anything wrong with me. I took my second ultra just a week ago and it already look like different result though doc didn't' contact me yet. The reason I took second ultrasound before the completing 1 year wait is that I felt pain my left upper arm, just below shoulder, shoulder and behind the neck on the left side. It lasted for 3 weeks now. So I thought may be in case if its cancer and if its spread that quick let me see what happens.

We should all keep writing about our experience for years to come. It shouldn't' be just one time deal to really understand the impact. We can make the difference. Even if you dont' write continuously write after year or 2 or even 5 years after and mention that you are coming back to write after 5 years so we know the long term effect. Surgery and treatment sometimes may make you feel good temperory for a year or so and you will rush to write your experience which is good but what happens 5 years period will be really a helpful tip for everyone.

Oh! about my blood work - Nothing wrong with the thyroid part of the blood but there was sediments out of range and also eosinophilia for the past 3 years of my blood work not that any doc noticed but I did as its concern my body and make sure I check that all my blood test to see if there is any changes in sediments and eosinophilia. I am kind of worried because of those 2 items especially the sediments because it could cause because of cancer again not the doc's statement. Its all my research and finding. Nobody cares and know more about your body than yourself. So pay attention and make a wise decision. Good luck to you all.


Best wishes for Monday. Hope all goes well. Aching muscles and bones scar is beautiful! Looks like a very fine wrinkle on my neck. Xx


PS as Tracy says above. If there are cellular changes caused by fairly advanced auto immune disease in the remainder of the thryoid then that of itself creates a risk of cancer developing - there is it seems the possibility of a recognised progression to this from the cellular abnormalities caused by the auto immune attack.

This in effect is what the pathologist assessing a thyroid biopsy or a frozen section is trying to decide. The means used to decide this seem judging by some research to be highly variable, and not very reliable.

My best guess is that they as a result tend to go for a total thyroidectomy if there's any serious risk of it progressing to a cancer.

There doesn't seem to be any great concern that a patient may to struggle with hypothyroidism as a result of auto immune issues as above - but the risk of cancer is treated differently...



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