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Thyroid Cyst Yippeeeee!!!

Why the yipppeee you ask? - well I have just got confirmation that I have a cyst on my thyroid, previous to this I thought my thyroid had gone underactive.and having been told by the Dr that theres nothing wrong..I insisted on seeing a ENT specialist. Now I don't live in the UK and I know people moan about the NHS...but I can honesly say I miss it!! 60euro a pop to see the Dr etc etc but thats another story for another day!!

My Symptoms includes going from insomia to sleepng anything from 8 to 16hrs. General tiedness, no energy, And dont get me started on the pains...It started in my knees, next day, ankles, next day shoulder. It feels like growning pains used too and for me that was a VERY long time ago. for the younger members if I said it feels like somebody has a drill and is drilling into the bone.... My throat feels sore and like theres a lump in it and my voice has gone all girly (this is coming from a tomboy..yes even at my age!!). I'm worried I will get into pink nail varnish next!!!

All my bloods have come back all normal. I'm going to see the Specialist next Tuesday re the cyst and I will keep you informed as to what is happening.

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pipsawrus, how was the cyst diagnosed (just to save me looking it up) as distinct from a goitre?

Any key hole surgery option..or am I being silly?



Hi Woolywn, I went for a scan...and I got a nice CD with the pics on too!! lol I don't know about the goitre as I only got a message from the Specialist secretary. My lovely husband had sent her an email as he was worried bless him. So I will let you know Tuesday afternoon if thats ok....oras the saying goes .. tune in next week to the Adventures of..........Thyroid.


Look forward to it..or a high pitched..shriek of delight! wyn p.s. 60 euros and a CD not too bad. Just paid £120 for dental x rays and load of very ugly photos. wyn


Flipping heck!!!


When I was first diagnosed with a goitre my tsh was normal . Tsh normal doesn't mean we feel good unfortunately the doctor is not always right :(


It does make you wonder what the 7 years of training for Dr's actually involves. Well other than the one year training on how to be rude to patients!! lol

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5 mins on endocinology!


Ha ha too right Blue, but at least we have this site and each other :-)


I have the same thing - i had a lump in my cheek, sent for ultrasound, radiologist says i have lumps in my thyroid, sent for an MRI, lump in cheek not visible but cyst in neck, TSH normal, the Dr says T3 and T4 normal, but i can see that my T3 is below 2, I have had symptoms (eyebrows falling out, swollen legs with lymph, tiredness etc) but told all is normal. so am watching with interest! I have a meeting with the maxillo facial surgeon who I was sent to about my lump in cheek on Tuesday 2 Nov ,so hoping to find out more and perhaps get some answers.


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