Blood results update from hyperthyroid plus injured hand, could drugs be hindering healing?

Hi, latest blood results following two months on Carbrimazole are T4 8.5 , T3 2.8 and TSH 0.26. I know this is low, seeing GP today what is advice. I am taking 10mg of Carb reduced from 40 mg when I started. I slipped and hurt left index finger, had X-ray and not broken but four weeks later still very swollen and cannot bend forward more than half way, is this in any way connected to current bloods or just one of those things?

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  • I was told recently, by my anesthetist, that thyroid patients (no matter what the problem is) will take twice, sometimes three times longer, than a normal patient to recover if their medication is not at a correct level.

    Moggie x

  • Thanks Moggie, I usually recover pretty quickly but my finger looks as bad as it did on the day I slipped....... will talk over with GP who although very nice, says she doesn't know much about thryoid, is on tip of tongue to say 'perhaps you should gen up' but decided to do it myself and share with her what I find..... without sounding like pain in neck patient! x

  • Just think how grateful the next thyroid patient she sees will be that you shared your findings with

    Moggie x

  • she is probably putting a veto through all future patients with thyroid, but you know might be good idea you have, could say to her that if anyone else locally feels they need bit of support could contact me... then she'll be panicking! x

  • I'm finding this very illuminating as I've always had good healing skin ,but last Summer I jabbed my leg with a sharp piece of twig whilst gardening and it bled a lot and then became very red and I ended up with it being dressed at my surgery twice a week for 11 weeks and what upset me most was being kept away from my water aerobics too........never gave any thought to the fact that the slow healing might have something to do with my under active thyroid.........interesting!

    Marfit X

  • I had an abscess on my tummy last year which took ages to heal. I had to have it dressed twice a week, and the nurse told me it was common in hypothyroid patients for wounds to take longer to heal. I was quite symptomatic at the time (possibly due to the idoine that they used on me in France), so think I was pretty hypo at the time.

    The other thing she told me is that it is the one time that you need to eat more calories, to aid the healing process :) I certainly did and enjoyed it very much too :) xx

  • Thanks Clare... do let me know when the next meeting is in Bristol xx

  • That's really interesting to hear about healing rates. I'm still trying to shift a virus 3 weeks after it first really took hold, maybe because of my Graves it is taking that bit longer to leave :-s

  • When my Graves was active before my operation, all wounds healed very quickly - a cut on finger would be healed in three days. Not so now while I have gone hypo, it can take weeks. Janet.

  • Ah that's interesting as I blood tests seem to indicate I am going hypo now, thanks so much for replying, am armed for GP a bit better now!!!! When I was on high dose of Carb had terrible tingling in hands and told it was just carpal tunnel syndrome and to get a splint but once reduced dose it has completely gone and I've seen a lot of women here with carpal symptoms....x

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