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Got my levels when diagnosed 2 weeks ago, can anyone advise?

Hi all

thanks in advance for answering! Was diagnosed 2 weeks ago UAT and have been on 50mcg Eltroxin since, not feeling any better yet ;)

Just asked my doctor for my actual levels taken 3 weeks ago, and they are:

TSH: 118

T4: 4.9

the TSH seems pretty high to me! can anyone offer any advice or wisdom? would greatly appreciate...thanks! :)

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Hi gracegirl78, yes your tsh is very high and the t4 very low. It will take time for it to kick in with levels like that. Are they doing another test in a few weeks?


thanks Ladytelita! yes they are retesting in 2 weeks so i will have been on 50mcg for 4 weeks then...i thought it was high! hope they up my meds cos i still feel rubbish lol...


Hi I too have only just been diagnosed and started on 75mg levothyroxine 3 weeks ago. The first week I couldn't get past 4 pm without a nap, the second week i was feeling much better and happier. I have gone down hill ever since, which is annoying to say the least so am returning to GP next wk. If in doubt go back! good luck x


I agree with ladytelita, gracegirl, that your TSH is very high 50mcg is just a low starting dose and so I would try to see the doctor in another week or so, because four to six weeks is more than enough to wait when your levels are so high.

Normally they would be very cautious with someone who is over 60 or diagnosed with a heart problem, otherwise there is no particular reason to keep you on such a low dose for any length of time. I guess from your username that you are in your thirties? ;)

If you can get another set of blood tests done, and post the results on here, with the ranges, then it will be more clear what is happening now, but since you still have symptoms after two weeks, then certainly by three or four weeks you will likely need an increase.

Best wishes,

Marie XX


thanks Marie,

i think i may try and get in to see doc next week as im feeling so rough the last couple of days....yes im in my 30`s, with a 6 year old and 8 month old, feel completely unable to look after them today, and like im a hopeless mum :(

i appreciate your advice, thanks so much x


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