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Hyperthyroid diagnosed 6 weeks ago


Hi, I am new on here and really struggling to understand what my condition and my latest test results mean. I was diagnosed end of July with T3 level of 4.8, TSH level of <0.01 and a T4 level of 30. I was given Carbimazole to take 5 mg 3 x per day and beta blockers of the symptoms.

I have just collected my latest results and they now read T3 5.1, TSH level of <0.01 and a T4 level of 14.1. My GP has left a not and said I need to be re-checked in 3 months, but I haven't spoken to her. I am concerned that as my T4 is now back within range that I might swing over to the Hypothyroidism if I continue with the Carbimazole at 15mg per day but I can't get an appointment with my GP for love nor money to discuss my concerns. Has anyone got any experience of the change in levels ?

Thanks in advance,


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Can you give us the ranges for those results, please? Cannot make any intelligent comments without seeing the ranges, because they vary from lab to lab, and we need yours. Were any antibodies tested?

Thanks for responding. T3 range 2.63 - 5.70, TSH 0.35 to 4.94 and T4 9.01 to 19.05. Antibodies have been tested but I don’t have the results at the moment.

Very important to find out which antibodies, and the results and ranges. :)

I will go and collect them tomorrow and let you know 👍


I think that you'll find that the Carbimazole has regularised your levels and will now more or less maintain them - just as happens with thyroid replacement. We don't stop taking our levothyroxine etc once our levels are correct.

You'll soon know if you slip into hypo but I don't think you will.

Hope everything goes well.

ValHunter2605 in reply to Hidden

Thank you.


Forgot to say - your levels look about right now. However your TSH is still too low but it takes a while for this to rise after levels begin to stabilise.

Hi val you should be getting your bloods tested every 4 weeks whilst on carbi, sometimes its impossible to say within the levels and then we end up hitting hypo , particularly as we are kept on higher doses of carbi for a long time, endos actually prefer us hypers to be hypo as it is less dangerous!! I hit hypo in December and had to titrate my dose down, it has taken me 12 months to titrate dose from 20mgs to 2.5mgs every other day, always get copies of your bloods for your own benefit to see where you felt good at.

You can be on this med for around 18 months, its such a rollercoaster of a disease and I'm still fighting it now, I wish you luck.😊

The change in dose looks about right for now. If your antibody tests show that you have Graves’, an autoimmune disease which is the most common cause of being hyper, the endo will be aiming to keep your thyroid production under control, so that your levels remain within range., as this will give you the best chance of achieving remission.

Again assuming this is Graves’, you will remain on Carbimazole for 12-18 months. It can be hard to get the dose right, and you may occasionally end up below range, but this will be due to over-medication rather than being truly hypo, and your levels will come up again when the meds are adjusted. Don’t try adjusting the meds yourself without new test results - there is a lot of overlap between hypo and hyper symptoms, and the last thing you want is to get it wrong and have your thyroid levels take off again.

The antibody tests to look out for are either TRAb or TSI. If this is positive , you have Graves’. If not, you will probably need more tests to find out the cause. .

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