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High TSH and low in range free T4 and feeling fine. Any comments on my dads blood results would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

My dad (who is 72) was having some routine bloods done which he calls his annual MOT and has just showed me his results which included a very surprising TFT result as he feels fine (and has been caring for my mum since January so constantly on the go)

TSH is 10.08 (0.30 - 6)

Free T4 10.8 (10-22)

Blood was drawn at midday and because of other tests he had been fasting.

He was told by the doctors receptionist all is fine when he went to collect copies but it clearly says the word Hypothyroid and HI next to his TSH which is obvious anyway.

As a result of this he has just arranged a telephone consultation with a doctor on Thursday and though he says he feels fine, doesn't want any tablets and doesn't have any obvious underactive thyroid signs and symptoms he does want things checked out or at least to know why (my nan who is nearly 90 has just been diagnosed as underactive thyroid, had a stroke 5yrs ago and has dementia and my Grandad had an underactive thyroid and thyroidectomy at 21, heart disease, Paget's disease and diabetes). We have joked and said we think he has my results or my mums as I have been ill for a long time with hypo symptoms but always in 'normal' range and my poor mum, well that's another story which needs to be covered in another post.

Any thoughts and also what should he be asking the doctor? I have given him some advice and that we need his free t3 testing but am still learning myself so any thoughts welcome.


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if he feels fine he can just opt for being 'monitored' every 6 months, however...are you 'sure' he is really fine? with the thousands of signs and symptoms of hypothyroid I find it quite surprising he does not have any....not even high cholesterol? ;)


I have scrutinised all of his results even his cholesterol and its all nicely in range. He doesn't even have high blood pressure and eats what he wants!


then nothing to worry about, his body has adapted and he's fine


Hi I agree at his age, best to just be monitored ,if he feels OK, Guide lines, often wrong but think in this case right ,when said no treatment if old unless symptoms bad. However, you are right about the FT3 , normally essential. If he does start to feel ill, then a good idea for him too.

Best wishes to you both,



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