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Searching for information on hypothyroidism

Some time ago when I was searching for information on hypothyroidism I found The National Academy of Hypothyroidism a non-profit, multi disciplinary medical society, dedicated to the dissemination of new information on the diagnosis and treatment of hypothyroidism.


In the section on Deiodinases you can read about:

Understanding Local Control of Thyroid Hormones (Deiodinases Function and Activity),

Deiodinase type I (D1) Deiodinase type II (D2) Deiodinase type III (D3) Stress, Depression, Pain, Dieting, Leptin, Exercise , Iron deficiency, Inflammation associated with common conditions, Environmental Toxins, Testosterone, Growth hormone, and. Individual variations in deiodinase which includes the Summary.

The Pain section--- I found that pain specialists recommend T3 supplementation to patients with significant pain or on narcotic pain medications.

The Leptin section--- states that in an elevated leptin level (above 10) there is a reduction of cellular T3 and a suppression of TSH, which makes the TSH an unreliable indicator of thyroid status. Also, anyone who has difficulty losing weight, a leptin level above 10 demonstrates that low intracellular thyroid levels is contributing to this difficulty.

Other sections:

Thyroid Hormone Transport

Diagnosis of hypothyroidism: Are we getting what we want from TSH testing?

Why Doesn’t My Endocrinologist Know All of This?

There is such an abundance of information available here which is backed up with references, that it could/should, give GPs and endocrinologists food for thought.

The only problem with all this information is, how on earth do we get our GPs and Endocrinologists to accept these findings?

If anyone has any ideas on how to break through the great wall of bigotry, which surrounds main stream endocrinology, especially in relation to hypothyroidism, please, do let us know.

Quite frankly, I really am weary of trying.

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Thank you for this. This is an interesting site.

Research by Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker in relation to mould biotoxins, chronic viral biotoxins and Lyme Disease over the last 10 years has shown that leptin resistance can lead to sleep disturbances, chronic pain, gastrointestinal problems, resistant Staph bacteria, prolonged illness, changes in cortisol and ACTH levels, reduced sex hormones and reduced ADH. Thus the regulation of nerve, hormone and immune system function is compromised. Raised leptin levels are frequent in those with biotoxin illness. It is thought that the leptin itself turns on its own receptor. Thus biotoxin illnesses which are multi system, multi symptom illnesses make a complete nonsense of TSH values being a valuable tool for diagnosing thyroid disorders in many people.

Jane x x


Get GPs and endocrinologists to accept modern findings… what a frustrating topic… have you tried a hammer? I almost did with my GP…

I keep dreaming maybe litigation would be a way forward to change the terrible state of affairs... If I were rich and had the time and energy to do it, I would hire a brilliant lawyer and start suing doctors for malpractice, claiming millionaire compensation for damages. How can they just get away with leaving patients undiagnosed and untreated and never be held accountable? It is a disgrace.


You're right - it is a disgrace, but I suspect that if there were litigation there would be all sorts of "experts" who could cite all kinds of research to prove they are doing it all correctly and that symptoms are all down to something else. It's sickening. Can you imagine the flood of claims there would be if just one case were found in favour of the thyroid victim!? My daughter and I would be at the head of that queue! I fear they have painted themselves into a corner and they ain't about to move!!!....and praying for retirement! Jane x


I've mentioned a class-action suit several times here. There a lot of them in the U.S. and the lawyers probably take most of the pay out but in this case, the money doesn't matter as much as changing their practice. So, just find a lawyer or a firm who is willing to look into it.


Why are the ground breaking information is from our American cousins??

Are there only the select handful of Dr's that will tackle the outdated TSH level??

Ann xxx


Thanks for the link - very interesting.

Moggie x


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