HI due to see endo again in august getting stressed already have seen her twice like talking to a brick wall what with her and my gp i am,

also banging my head against it . she has sent a letter to my doctor stating that armour thyriod is unavailable for her to perscribe and that in her opinion t3 preperations could cause arrhythmia and that it is difficult to monitor therapeutic efficacy, all this is nonesense, i know, but she keeps banging on about cronic fatique syndrome and fibromyalgia which i know i have. she states the patient is convinced these are related to her levothyroxine therapy, [she feels the symtons are exacerbated by it. too bloody right] she has stated that she urges me to consider the diagnosis of cronic fatigue and fabromyalgia. i will fight again in august to get t3 along with my thyroxin can anyone please advise, also my sister in law lives in spain she has said she will try to get it for me but i need to know the name and the dose, as i want to start off on a loe dose, can anyone please help . best wishes ms polly

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  • I am afraid we cannot advise of doses etc as it is against the guidelines - see section on right of page.

    This is from Dr Lowe who was the


    and this is re fibro - Dr Lowe was also Director of Fibromyalgia Research and you can read the topics at the top of the page.



    If you email louise.warvill@thyroiduk.org and ask for a list of NHS Endos/private doctors who may be more sympathetic. It may be worth switching from yours.

    This link tells how a Virologist became involved in people with thyroid gland problems. It came about due to the TSH being the 'be all and end all' of diagnosis with the ignorining of clinical symptoms which used to be the way patients were diagnosed.


    It is amazing what we have to do ourselves in order to recover our health.

  • HI thanks louise sent me a list but there was none for greater manchester and the area around greater manchester mspolly

  • It's worth checking in every couple of weeks though, I update it regularly as people tell me about more of them! :)


  • Hi I would have a new referral to an Endo of your choice, after careful research. It can be dangerous to self treat. If determined please make sure you have tSH, T4 and Free T3 tested before taking and then before any rises in meds. Also start extremely low and do it gradually.I still would not recommend it, very potent drug. I was overdosed by a doc( not Endo) and I know.

    Also do you always have a print out of blood results? with ranges? you are entitled to them, your blood. Make sure you are having tSH, T and Free t3 tested. If Ft3 too low ,it can also be dangerous. it is only if FT3 very high ie over range, that it should be restricted.If not having the correct tests, can you pay on line. Make sure a well known Lab.Take with you and a list of symptoms to recite to Edo.

    Best wishes,


    No sure if you know , to reply to a specific post, click on "Reply to this" under that post.

  • Thanks jackie i am in bits at the moment feel really ill, i am going to try a few options

    as i can't carry on like this the pain in my shoulders and neck is killing me x ms polly

  • Hi I know , , it seems no better than it sued to be to get the right treatment, you have to do lots of research and push for the correct treatment and become thick skinned!! Do make sure it is not your gall bladder, ultra sound will show if lucky. abdomen as it can and usually does cause referred pain, however, in time agony.Gall Bladder disease is autoimmune and hormonal.so thyroid related.

    Best wishes,


  • Hi I'm having a similar problem with my Endocrinologist, trying to push their chronic fatigue clinic onto me, and writing to my doctor claiming I don't understand the TSH and that I'm making out all my problems are thyroid related when really it's fine. I wonder if it's the same Endo, Female? Could you PM her name please?

    Thanks Shaz

  • HI sorry to sound an idiot but what does pm mean sorry i am not very pc to start with and even worse with the brain fog ms polly

  • Sorry it means private message. If you click on my name there will be a box underneath my picture to send a message.

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