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Little reaction to short Synacthen test

I will get the results soon enough but an confused about what my reaction to the short Synacthen test means. I got a little dizzy, and as time wore on I felt really tired and weak. Most I've read is that people feel better after the test. I also got a slight allergic reaction with itching and wheezing.

Any idea what the fatigue means, as I'm sure like everyone else the results will come back normal!?

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That's an interesting response. When I had mine a few years ago they asked me to wait in the main waiting room and then after a few minutes I felt faint and nearly passed out on the floor.

The nurse then realised that she shouldn't have asked me to leave the room. I don't know what that my response means though.

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I'd wait for your results, but I had this done some years ago - I was 'borderline' low adrenal. I did not have any reaction like you, and my test showed adrenals to be ok at that point. However I did private tests 2 years later and came back at 'Adrenal Fatigue' level of insufficient adrenal function.

I don't know, I'm no medic but if you have reacted like that it may be that you do need adrenal support.

Low cortisol can lead to rash, i believe. My son suffers terrible with eczema, and we now believe this is often triggered by low adrenal.


Basically they put your body in a stressful situation to see how it responded, that's the purpose of the test, and your body didn't respond well, it didn't cope so it will be interesting to see what the results say. I would report those symptoms to the doctor when you go for follow up appointment, it will complete the picture.

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I had mine a couple of months ago (all results came back absolutely fine, no issues) but I had a fairly strong reaction when it was going on. My stomach got very hot and I thought I was going to be violently sick. I felt pretty dizzy and nauseous for the whole thing and I didn't feel normal again until the next morning.

The nurse told me people have a whole range of reactions during the test, some actually go into full blown panic attacks apparently.

I hope you feel a bit better soon and your results come back normal.


Thank you all :-) I suffer worth really bad eczema on my hands too.


I thought I'd follow this up with my results for anyone searching in future, which are something like, baseline cortisol 160 and after 30 minutes 470

I am waiting to hear from the doctor about what this means.


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