Prescribed Hydrocortisol?

Update on my short Synacthen test ... should I be concerned that the Registrar at the QE phoned me today (the day after the test) to confirm that I had failed the test ... and prescribed Hydrocortisol

I have to collect the prescription from the pharmacy at the QE tomorrow morning. I don't have the actual results of the test yet so don't know how badly I failed! Anyone out there have experience of treatment with Hydrocortisol please??

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  • i highly recommend you check out the following website and join the associated forum. You have addison's disease and should start HC ASAP!!

    Treatment of Addison's is as bad as hypothyroidism, so i strongly suggest you check out the above links.

  • Thank you very much!

  • Hi Maria-B , I apologise for jumping in as I know your post is for help but do you mind if I just ask what you're symptoms were/are please and what led you to be tested. Thank you. Was it mainly the joint pain? ( just read your posts )

  • Hi Pastille. Symptoms are extreme fatigue and aches in my bones, coupled with feeling down and irritable all the time. It was the joint pain that took me to the GP almost 2 years ago ... I have had all sort of tests for rheumatic stuff and scans of the joints ... what a waste of time that was! Have just started taking the Cortisol, not sure how long it will take to make a difference but have my fingers crossed!

  • Thanks Maria-B , I hope you feel better soon

  • I'm on Hydrocortisone as I have secondary adrenal insufficiency due to the removal of a pituitary tumour. I take 20 mgs a day split into 4 doses trying to mimic the Circadian cycle.

  • Thanks PaulineS ... can you remember how long the Hydrocortisone took to kick in?

  • Hydrocortisone should kick in within a few hours as it only lasts a few hours in the body hence why we need to take it often.

  • In my case, I felt relief literally the same day. The pain & irritability went away very quickly (day or two). The crushing fatigue also lifted very quickly, though it did take a bit longer to fully get over the fatigue in general.

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