I got T3

Went to Asda,bad idea.No T3 don't know when they will have it. Have the groceries I wanted we not available either.G/F things,which upset me as I had run out.So I came out of Asda felling the world was against me.

Then I went to Boots,only a small branch so I didn't hold out much hope for T3. WoW I got my T3 no problem. Thank You Boots,my new best friend.

Being Cornwall I dare say Asda will get some drectly.

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  • The liothyronine supply problem has ended (for now). The manufacturer is back in stock and supplying wholesalers. Liothyronine is not commonly prescribed in the UK. As a result, not all pharmacies keep it in stock, and most that do will only have a small quantity. They should be able to order it in for you though, which shouldn't take more than a day.

  • Hi Bobbin,Yes I had my T3 from Asda before but this time they had no idea when they would get any.

  • Bobbin2 the only stocks my local pharmacies have are 'old' stock. I spoke with someone at Mercury Pharma (don't know new name) and got the impression that the new stocks are not yet out with the pharmacies and it may be a little while yet.

  • Hi there,

    When did you speak to Mercury? They just informed me that liothyronine is now back in stock.

  • I went to my small village pharmacy in Cornwall (who usually supply me but had run out with the problems recently), and they got me a new supply of T3 on Tuesday after only a 24 hr wait.

  • Hi Agapanthus,Glad you got sorted. Hope the sun is shining for you.

  • Thank you beaton - yes it's finally struggled through down here (I am at the far west ...nearly as far as you can go but not quite!) Which end are you at then?

  • Hi Agapanthus, I'm in St. Austell. Not as pretty as where you are but handy for everywhere.

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