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Change of Levo brand??

I've been taking Levo by Mercury Pharma since August (from Asda pharmacy) but yesterday went to Boots and have been given a different brand-Almus. I've read things on here about people having problems when they change brands so I'm kind of loath to take it. As my GP is now a little difficult (ever since I mentioned T3!!) I know he'll dig his heels in if I ask for another prescription so I am a bit stuck and am considering lying and saying I've lost my prescription so I can get another and go to Asda! Does anyone have any other ideas? I only have enough Mercury Levo for tonight :-(

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For clarification, Almus is not a brand of levothyroxine. Almus is simply the name that Boots use on their packaging.

If you look inside the box, there should be a PIL and that should give the actual name of the medication. Most usually, levo in an Almus box is made by Actavis, but this will depend on the tablet dose because Actavis don't make 25mcg tablets, so those would be from a different manufacturer. You'll also probably find the Actavis (or other manufacturer) name on the foil backing of the blister packs.

Not everyone has a problem when they change brands. Some people don't notice any significant difference whichever make they take, so you might want to bite the bullet and try them. If you don't try them, you won't know!

Also, we have seen a few people recently having difficulty getting the MPharma levo. So, before you go rushing off to your GP for a new prescription, you need to check with Asda that they can supply what you want.

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I've just started on 100mcg and up to now, although I feel OK, my symptoms haven't really changed. Because of that I am very unwilling to upset the apple cart and possibly start having side effects. I will check with Asda though because it would be just my luck to go there and BE GIVEN the Actavis/Almus stuff!


I felt "at my best" when I took the ones in th pink packet. Felt dreadful when took the ones in the beige packet. The pharmacist told me the pink packet were the most popular at our surgery.


Which make were they Chickens?


I dont know. I did not realise their we're different makes I just took what I was given by the surgery pharmacy. After feeling particularly dreadful I spoke to the pharmacist and she told their were different brands with different fillers. I went onto the "popular brand" that I recall we're in a pink and white packet. I am not on any meds the moment so I can't tell you the name.


That's fine - I'm definitely going ahead with my plan then :-)


I have had this problem and went and and had a word with my chemist,he said it does happen so i should talk to my doctor.I went to the surgery and asked for another perscription and explained,i dug my heels in and got it without seeing a doctor and my chemist said he will try in future to supply me with just my usual brand and not a mixture but give it a try,you might be ok.


I am psyching myself up to lie thru my teeth tomorrow (can't see why it won't work) but in future will always ask what brand the particular chemist stocks before I surrender my prescription! Who knows, the Activis might have been OK, but I'm not willing to take the chance.


How about calling the Pharmacy first in the morning & explaining to them that you normally take Mercury Pharma which they've been supplying to you since Eltroxin stopped & ran out in August, that you have problems with other brands & you didn't notice until tonight so is there any chance could they please exchange them?? Normally if they don't know you & you leave the store they'll request another prescription but I'd say they're worth trying first.

I too was on Eltroxin as I did have problems with the fillers in the other brands. When the pharmacy I use could no longer get any more in the summer I asked the Pharmacist for Mercury Pharma which after getting my GP to change my prescription (from Eltroxin to Levo) he then ordered it in. Were you on Eltroxin before August? It might now be worth asking your GP (or another in the practice) to print "Levothyroxin - Mercury Pharma Brand Only" on your prescription ~ this is what my GP has now done for me to make life easier.

I hope this helps & you manage to get sorted :o)

Lyndsay x


By coincidence I've been taking Mercury Phama for the last 3 months and picked a new prescription up on Friday, Almus the same as you. I was blogging on this site on Saturday morning saying how much better I was feeling!

I started my new prescription on Saturday night and last night and had 2 terrible nights sleep with raging palps. I'm pretty convinced I'm not hyper as i'm not troubled during the day with hyper symptoms and feel pretty well.

After reading your blog it made me think it could be the new prescription. I've spent yesterday and this morning wondering what I've eaten or drank to make me jittery in the night and there's nothing I can think off, so i'm guessing it could just be down to the change of brand.

I've just popped upstairs and found some spare Mercury Phama tabs in my stash and i'll take it tonight and see if it makes a difference.

I'll be on the phone to my GP if it's the different brand causing the palps and ask for the same brand in future. I can only hope they agree, they are fairly accommodating.

Good luck.


strangely mine was the opposite, the first ever brand i tool was mercury and i had a horrible reaction...serious migraine attacks, i had to stop and switch brands, now i only take actavis...or at a push wockhardt...

mercury pharma are based in croydon so i always look for the address on my packets to make sure!

i guess different people react differently to different brands! x


Harmony Angel-I replied to you this morning but dunno where it's gone?? Anyway, I've only had meds since August so have always been on Mercury. Yana and Taisley - it just goes to show how different we are. I am SO glad I didn't muck about with a different brand...and for the millionth time I am glad I found this forum or I would never known about people reacting adversely to different makes :-)


I can take any brand it does not make any difference to me and i've had everything from goldshield to actavis they all do what it say on the tin with no adverse effects but you wont know until you try


You seem to be the exception rather than the rule then MC. I might have been OK...but wasn't prepared to risk it! I now have my Mercury ones so business as usual for me :-)


That is of course your choice, i just pass on my experiences as i do pretty well, i dont think im necessarily the exception you just dont hear too much from the folks that do well as they dont need as much support, i make sure i keep bobbing in to give people my story and sometimes hope that things do get better. Good luck


You're right and I think it's good to hear from people like you to give everyone hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel x


It is good to hear from those for whom levothyroxine works well, whatever the brand. It gives hope to those just starting out. It must be quite frightening for them to hear all our horror stories!

Glad you are well on thyroxine :)

Carolyn x


Ive been on Eltroxin for as long as I can remember and my scripts are written so that I always get that Brand. Last time I picked up my meds I was given levothyroxin because the Eltroxin had run out. BUT as we have all been told on here many times the generic and the brand are all made by Mercury Pharma and are supposed to be exactly the same thing just put in two different kinds of boxes, one that calls it Eltroxin and one that calls it I didn't worry too much about it.

Three weeks ago I started getting all sorts of symptoms, hot flushes, with palpitations, pressure in my head, dizziness, trembling, stomach cramps etc etc. Thinking this was a flare of my other condition I started my steroids - a weeks course, no difference. after what has now been three weeks I had an emergency appointment at the clinic I attend in London and it was thought it was a flare and I was told to try a certain medication. BUT, then after reading something on here last night I suddenly thought about my thyroid meds and decided to check them. Sure enough my symptoms correlate with when I started taking the Levothyroxin. Now it could be a coincidence but it seems rather a strange one to me. Do I report this as a yellow box incident given these are supposed to be the same tablets?

GP has taken bloods but not had results back yet.


I'm not sure what a "yellow box incident" is?

Just been reading about Eltroxin/Mercury Pharma. Apparently they are exactly the same BUT are produced in a slightly different way and the person that posted the info thought it must make a difference. Sorry I'm a bit of a newbie so cannot offer much help :-(


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