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Another ESA form - thrown off in September and anxiety rocketing

Hi - i was seen for a medical last year at Atos, informed a few weeks later that I will be better by September this year, despite being crippled by ME/CFS, when I will be kicked off benefits. Now I have just received another ESA form to fill in prior to my being kicked out, I presume, and the anxiety levels are making all the symptoms worse.

Anyone any advice? Do they really believe that this disorder can be cured at their say so?

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Hi Schenks, I've sent you a private message. x


I guess they are psychic. You must be delighted to know that you will be well by September - did they say when in September?

Seriously, I'm sorry about what you are going through.


Hi, Blue - yep, the 13th! Marvelous, eh? you'd think with that level of talent they'd all have won the lottery by now and stopped working for Atos!


Schenks, If you would like to talk to someone with extensive experience of the hated ATOS, what he doesn't know about them isn't worth knowing. Please feel free to contact "Simon". Although he is in a Merseyside help centre he would be happy to talk to you on the phone. He goes to court with people when they are attending their appeals and he does not like ATOS. I will pm you with his details.


Phoebs, you just made me cry. I'm so relieved, i can't thank you enough. I've had some great advice from others, but just the thought that there could be a voice to talk to takes a bit off the edge of the panic.

I would be so grateful if you could pm his contact details - and bless you. And I really mean it, I bless all the lovely people who are putting themselves out in time and effort to help a stranger.


Good luck Schenks, keep us posted


Thanks, Bluedaffodil - I will. I don't feel quite as ... well, the pain in my chest has subsided a bit, anyway.

Thanks to you all - I do feel less alone.



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