Flood the prime minister's email this weekend please

If we don't shout, we don't get heared.

Good morning fellow suffering ladies and gents. I'm pretty sure that all of us here are literally so sick of being ill. I know I've had enough. Feeling ill is one thing, feeling ill and being dismissed by doctors and consultants that know too little and self medicating on thyroid meds and steroids is another game altogether and feeling helpless and frustrated as well is just not right. Below is the email address for the prime minister's office at number 10 Downing street. Might I suggest that we all send an email over the weekend and tell our own story and bombard them in one large cry.There have been many petitions already but what I'm suggesting is a coordinated flood over the next 2 days days direct to our government. Please share and post where ever you can and get your families and friends involved on your behalf with their opinions too. thank you.


The actual length of the email you can send on there is up to 1000 characters so you need to bear that in mind.

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  • Wow Jan ! You caught us in the middle of a big breakfast discussion on this very subject of ...What can we do?? I'm behind you all the way .I am reading "Stop The Thyroid Madness " for the second time now that I am better informed and it is making me realise we have to stand up and shout !! ......this whole scandalous disgrace must be exposed. I will willingly support you ...Thanks for posting the info.

  • Thank you Margit. We've had a great response already from each group on face book as well. If you can use the link and email, also get your family to use it as well and say from their perspectives that would be great. Any where else you can post this would be great, we all need to shout together this weekend and wake up the government! Xxx

  • Hi Jan61, I hear your frustration and have often felt the same, but I do feel that this weekend to flood No 10 is too short notice. I am feeling utterly drained at the moment and wouldn't be able to get a comprehensive or comprehend ive enough retort together in time.

    Perhaps an agreed date in a month or two, so the good folks on here can get something worthwhile together, Perhaps it could be known as our own "D DAY" :)

  • It is well underway fatfeet 1. I am so sorry you are not in the right place for it. Do you have any family that could use the email to have their say? We will be co ordinating again soon as well. I hope you improve soon xxx

  • Where did my reply go ? Oh i give up its bad enough beeing fuzzy headed and composing a reply with out them dissapearing !!! also not getting alerts !!! spose it could just be me :-(

    I will try tomorrow if better tomorrow xx

  • I hear what you say Flatfeet and realise that we need to make a big impact with this and maybe it is too hurried as there may be people who want to contribute who cannot give time to it this weekend.

    On reflection I think it would be better to give it more time so we can think it through properly and am glad you have pointed this out.

    May be others will comment.I will however begin to put something together ...especially as it has suddenly gone dark and the heavens have opened as expected......first crack of lightning and thunder ...so gardening is off!!!!

  • Hi Marfit, Please see my reply to Jan61 above,

    I think I over did the gardening yesterday so bad today (managed to plant one plant, a small one at that :-( x

  • Sorry to hear you are struggling,as when you are keen about gardening it really hurts when you can't be the gardener you once were.I know I have to do it in small sessions now......did manage to fill a big bag with weeds

    after our thunderstorm passed so am getting pleasure from the borders looking good...so full of colour.

    Now I will concentrate on my E Mail to PM.

  • I think that Dr Skinner was also urging all of us to write to our own MP's

  • I forgot to say that the email is only 1000 characters long on the PMs email. X

  • Wow ....that is going to make us be precise and to the point.

    We shouldn't forget to send a copy to our own MPs too.

    My husband has just come in and said he thinks it could roll on over some considerable time,starting this weekend if some are ready to do it.

  • Yes I agree, I think it can just keep rolling from this weekend onwards. X

  • I think you need to edit your original post and put in the info about the 1000 character limit, not just here but wherever else this is posted. Otherwise people could spend hours putting together huge tomes but their email would be rejected or truncated.

  • Yes thank you for pointing that out x

  • Done !!!! Come on peeps spend just a few minutes letting the prime minister know how many of us are still suffering .

  • Thank you Motherelle! That's great, we need as many as possible to contact over the weekend, you are so right, they need to hear from us. X

  • Asked that having watched and listened to the sadness in his family - that perhaps he could now listen to the sadness of others....

  • That's brilliant. X

  • :-)

  • I have just sent mine off...The 1000 limit is enough to get your point across in a very direct way, which works for me. :-)

  • Yes I found the same thing, it made it very concise and direct :-)

  • :-)

  • done mine and sharing on a group

  • Brilliant guys! Let's keep it going :-) x

  • I've just sent my email - let's hope it makes a difference!!

  • That's great! I was so fed up of complaining about being ill all the time, I just wanted to get proactive and do something. Pass the word along! :-) x

  • Thank yo. I'v done it.

    I am ready for any challenge.

  • Done x

  • Thank you all, we are going to do this again soon but on a bigger scale co ordinating with many other groups to give more people time to get on board. Will let you all know dates. In mean time please keep this going get your family and friends involved with sending in emails of support please. X

  • Thank you. I've now had my say! Requested the next generation of GPs is not trained by those arrogantly protecting their backs and quoted Dr S on reference interval not having been validated! Yes! I've also bookmarked the web page in case I want to say it all over again next week. And will keep on saying it until someone hears my cry.

  • Way to go luckylegs, that's the sort of spirit that we need to keep yelling until they are so sick of the noise they do something! X

  • Well ...It was a bit of a challenge to condense it but it has gone.x

  • Well done. It is a challenge only 1000 characters but I think it also makes it more to the point and concise. :-) x

  • I agree....but I could easily send another six!!!

  • Aye Marfit, I hear you. I'm sure with all our experiences we could all fill books....now there's an idea! :-) xxx

  • I've often thought that there is room for another book on the market here in UK.That would be a challenge for us ......A patient's View !

  • I think you might have something there, it would certainly be very useful to other patients and also might make doctors think. X

  • I agree...It would need a lot of organising and input from many people.Some of us can only speak with any confidence about our own thyroid journey,though others will have a lot more knowledge.It would be quite a challenge wouldn't it?....and also an achievement!

  • I'm game if we can get enough people on board but again each story would have to be condensed like the emails to make it work. X

  • Have you got a Facebook page you could pm me. That's where I do most of the contacting and coordinating from x

  • Sent, so difficult to condense into just 1000 words. I specifically mentioned the lack of training and understanding I experienced at the hands of a trainee GP at a Manchester hospital and his refusal to look at the FT 3/4 readings that were presented stating the TSH was all that mattered :/

  • Yes that's some very good points that you raised there. Its interesting that the guy that came up with the tsh test in the first place has now stated that its floored and testing by temperature is far more accurate. X

  • Hmm when I mentioned my low basal temperature and asked him what it indicated the stupid trainee stated that it must be broken ! What sort of chicken dropping answer was that! , my TSH was .42 boarder line, I went private after that but did send a letter of complaint to the complaints department at the hospital . That was in March, so far it has not been even acknowledged. I am medicated now but early stages and still a bit up and down. Bloods today so we will see . X

  • What he said was the TSH test has it's place but not to rely on that alone, don't disregard the symptoms.

  • This is a great idea and I will be sending mine. I think a drip feed of emails would be good for those who need more time to put something together. Can we post a collection of them somewhere? That would be so cool

  • I think just keeping it going is a great idea. We are planning another event soon and will keep you all posted. X

  • Well that worked a treat!!!! ;-((

    Anyone else received the reply from Downing Street via the post today? Thanks for contacting us blah blah Mr Cameron feels that the Dept of Health are best placed to respond to the matters raised so your email has been forwarded on to them!!! They are the bloody problem....I thought the whole point was to highlight the issues that we have?! Grrrrrrrrr

  • Yes that's seriously NOT good enough, that was as you said the point in contacting him. I think we may have to step this up and hit them a bit harder! X

  • If we can I would love to!! Also really annoyed at the waste of resources as the letter was sent out on good quality paper, what is wrong with an email? Double Grrrrrr!

  • Just about sums them up! I'm determined we will make an impact, this our lives they are failing to help sort out! See what we can get sorted x

  • I will be right behind you....:-) x

  • Cool, I think we will get something organised for next month so we can give people enough time to get organised. X

  • yep exact same response i got

    he aint heard the last of me yet

  • Yeah well done, we've got to keep shouting until they damn well listen and start changing things x

  • Just sent my email and forwarded the link to another sufferer!

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