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How to improve Peroxidase Antibody levels (currently at 391)?

Hi everyone, I have Hashimotos and when I was first diagnosed my Peroxidase level was 900 it has now reduced to 391 with 100 mcgs of Levothyroxine per day. Does anyone know whether it is ever possible to get this into a healthy range with Hashimotos? Most of my symptoms have gone but I do still occasionally get some. I am still waiting on my T3 and T4 results. TSH is 1.9.

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Mine is now in the normal range but I have had hashimoto's disease for 25 years so it could be that they did their job and killed off all my thyroid tissue. you could try increasing your thyroxine till your TSH is 0.5. That is what I feel best at.


Here's a link to an article about it. Selenium also is supposed to help reduce antibodies. It is good that yours are coming down.


Thank you for sending me this link : )


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