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T3 Only. Recovery going well. Bikes been out twice this week!

12 weeks into CMT3 and I’m getting excited and very optimistic that this really works for me and hopefully for many others.

Currently on: Doses: 21.75mcgs @ 3.15am, 12.5mcgs @ 10.00-10.30pm, 12.5mcgs @ 3.30pm.

Signs & Symptom readings since week 10: Typically slightly dropped on the Temps, hovering just under 98’s BP stable but also lower at around 105/72 ish. HR slightly higher 75-80’s

It’s a very tricky balancing act and I wish I could say I’m completely tuned into it all by now, but I’m not. It’s not too difficult recording readings though so long as I’m working from home. I do feel a bit of a plonker getting out my thermometer and Pulse Oximeter on the bus and train! I’ve drawn the line at doing BP’s out and about! I’d get locked up.

I clearly need to make another move but will seek guidance here first.

The last two moves I made had quite an impact.

Move 1: Moving the Dose 1 further forward by just 15mins as advised had me over sleeping and showing a drop in BP and Temps for the first 2/3 hrs. upon waking. A week later I’m back to waking at 6am but BP has stayed low.

Move 2: I increased both Dose 2&3 by 2.5mcgs and enjoyed higher everything’s! Energy levels stayed up all day.

I still have faltering moments where my signs and symptoms throw up unusual readings and then I’m not too sure what to do, usually I do nothing and wait and see! This has served me well so far and I am taking it very slowly still. I have had no ill effects from taking T3 so far ?.

Hypothyroid symptoms. Big Smile ?. They have almost all gone. I now only wake at night around 2am, usually followed by a hot sweat (sorry) and then of course for the T3 Dose 1(big pain, always in dream land, ? last one I was enjoying listening to a mad Professor demonstrating how to stop the flow of blood from a neck wound using only double cream! Weird)

I feel so much younger and livelier simply because my brain is keeping pace with my body- or is it the other way round? The old women syndrome is fading thank goodness. Don’t know but I can also say that my Adrenals hopefully have improved as I can now ride my bike without a total collapse the next day. Even bigger smile ?.

One symptom that has decreased but not gone away is the hot flashes, and I think it’s linked to low T3 as I feel it’s an adrenal rush to help me out. Love to hear your advice please?

I’m writing down every Hot Flash like a train spotter just to see if I can get a pattern going!

Very early days yet but going forward is a very nice feeling.

I do need help though and if anyone can suggest how I might bring back those early morning Temps and BP’s I would be grateful.

I think I may be putting a bit too much strain on the Adrenals first thing and maybe need to move backwards again.

I also wonder if I have now cleared RT3 from my system and maybe need to increase dosing, I’m not too sure here as I thought I’d read that when RT3 was cleared you could drop T3. But also you might need more. I’m finding it a little tricky as I generally feel good and wonder if this is about where I should stay. I guess re testing Adrenals and Bloods will be a good idea at this stage.

I am seeing my GP for the first time since starting T3 next week to hopefully prove my progress. My first ever Endo appt may follow. Lets see.

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Thats fantastic that you are feeling the benefit!! Hope the good news continues, and it's wonderful to hear good news, it keeps me in hope that we can recover from this to a level where we can make the most of life!! All the best. I have started Armour, and am trying to use the cm method for this but I find it hard using the book in terms of dosage with it being the ndt, never the less I keep trying!! S x


Hi S,

Thank you, hopefully you will be able to post positive soon.

Just a thought, I too find the book tricky even on T3 only. I'm finding reading other peoples posts very handy, I have also been using a Paul Robinson's comments page on the Facebook STTM page. this has a lot of people on it taking Armour but using T3 only for the CM early morning dose. Might be something you could read about and then talk with your healthcare bods.

Good luck


So pleased to hear your ongoing good news Jackie. Can't offer any advice I'm afraid, but just wanted to add my congratulations.




It is a great feeling when you begin to improve and symptoms disappearing.


Thanks Sue. Might not feel so good after visiting the GP of the year! Hope your doing okay too. x


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