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Lower back pain when walking

Hi, I was recently diagnosed with uat and am taking thyroxine (100mg) and my doc has said he feels it will have to be increased. I didn't get told what the results of the blood tests actually were. He did check my antibodies and said the uat was caused by my immune system.

My doc is very thorough though and I was sent for cystoscopy and am going for kidney scan due to blood constantly showing in urine with no infection.

I was diagnosed with ITP (low platelets) last June ( now in remission). I was treated with steroids, Azathioprine and had immunoglobulin transfusion. I also was referred to rheumatologist as my haematologist thought I may have SLE lupus but this was dismissed by rheumy. My GP has said I definitely have some inflammatory condition and he will monitor me every 3 months.

I have gained such a lot of weight and now find even standing for more than a few minutes my back gets painful. Walking is awful - the pain makes me feel like such an invalid. I feel like I'm never going to get better. I have no energy for exercise and my stamina is now very poor. I would really appreciate some advice. I feel as though I am never away from my GP!!

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Vibo, sorry I do not have a positive answer for you but I can commiserate with lower back pain and effects on walking. I suspect my aches and pains have something to do with poor thyroid medication and am trying to sort this out with an Endo at the moment, I also have fibromyalgia, has this been suggested to you as a possible aggravation?

Although it can be a bone of contention, personally I have found an insulin resistant diet very helpful with weight issues and followed Jack Challem's book Syndrome X for guidance, it worked for me, I lost weight and energy levels increased. Others here have also found they lost weight with similar regimes. It is the joints/muscle pains that I have yet to find any help with but equally am sure I have done myself a favour by losing some of the weight I was carrying by lessening the load.

The other important criteria to look at is gut health, this is of primary importance for all our organs. If you need any further guidance in this regard please ask as there are many here who can sensibly advise.

Kind regards



Hi Joyia,

Thank you for getting back to me. Funnily enough a friend mentioned fibromyalgia to me recently but none of the doctors I've seen have mentioned it.

I'm definitely going to look at the book you mention. I have recently been having problems with my stomach so I think that really makes sense. Getting some of the extra weight off can only be a good thing!

Thanks again and I hope you find some help with you joint/muscles pains soon.



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