What is the current position re obtaining T3? It has been said that Boots are able to supply now. Is this the case?

Having just been prescribed T3 (20mcg)twice a day I cannot find a pharmacy that is able to supply it. I have 1 months supply but do not want to leave things to the last minute to get the next supply as I feel like a new woman having the T3 after many years of depression and lethargy etc. The thought of just going back to having thyroxine is terrifying me.

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  • I don't know if you are under the care of an endo?

    I am and I contacted my endocrinologist, he 'mobilised' the hospital pharmacy and they sourced for me 3 months worth of German T3 (imported especially whilst this problem is ongoing).

    I take a whopping 160mcg daily so to have 3 months worth for me is quite something!

  • I am under an endo but have only seen him once and got no help at all. After gaining lots of info from this lovely site I went back to GP and he actually listened to me and prescribed T3. Therefore I am not confident that the endo would help me. Happy for you though. Why do we have to fight all the time? Thanks for reply.

  • in this case your pharmacy in liaison with your gp must source it

  • That's the conclusion I was coming to but in view of comments that Boots were/were not Ble to fill prescription I thought I would cut some corners before I run out. Thanks for your help.

  • I have been promised that my T3 will be ready tomorrow, if so I will post on here to let everyone know that it can be got via Boots. I will also ask them to be clear with what everyone needs to tell their pharmacy so they can get it too.

  • I suspect that the only people who can properly answer this are Boots themselves. Certainly it is possible an individual in a Boots branch might not know or might mis-inform you - so go up the chain as high as necessary to get a proper answer! Try to get it in writing/email.

    With luck, Amdipharm Mercury will have their product back within a month - but even if everything goes well, it might be quite tight. There is no guarantee that everything will go well. :-(


  • Thanks for all the responses to my question. I will keep you informed of my progress.

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