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Got my labs back. It has only been five weeks now since starting low dose 25mcgs. My FT3 FT4 have increased to upper middle range but the

tsh is still holding at 32. I am feeling a bit hyper so the endocrine wants to wait the full eight weeks to draw blood and check levels again. My question is why is the t4 and t3 improved and not the tsh? Do I need to wait the full eight weeks for that to happen or will I just hold at 32 tsh and t3,t4 just keep improving? I feel normal but then again when my t3 t4 were normal and the tsh was not I had no symptoms really. Also, will my tsh just stay at 32 if I do not increase meds? Any opinions.. No pituitary or adrenal issues. Those are normal.

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OK ,Mary - I 've returned to base ;)

You said your TSH is high as Thyroid frapped out- but your low dose isn't enough to replace all needs,so I wonder.

I think you have a difficult few weeks ahead -while they figure you out.

Try not to worry, meantime. Anxiety can bring its own problems.

If you feel hyper then a dose drop may test that- you can only ask?


I am hoping that since it is improving the 4 and 3 that maybe it will bring the tsh down in the next three weeks as well. The dose is still doing something or the 4 and 3 wouldn't improve. what do you think?

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I would concentrate on how you feel and let the Docs explain the TSH staying up, if it does.


That's just it. I feel pretty good. One theory that I came up with is that for eight years I lived with my tsh at around 25. My body is used to it. I never really had any symptoms until I started climbing into the 60,s and 90,s. This seems to be enough for me to feel good. I am not fatigued or swelled up any longer and I don't take naps anymore. I could have it come down a bit more and maybe it will in the next three weeks, but I am happy in how I feel today. That is what is so frustrating that alot of doc's think you need to be in a lab range. I know I do better more hypo than hyper. I am also Post menopause, for about fifteen years now, went through it early, so that may be a reason why I respond so well and quickly to a low dose. As long as my 3 and 4 are improving I am happy and energetic even with a tsh of 32..woot....


Nice. Mary ;)


Tegz, I really want to thank you for all your input it has helped me cope and not feel so alone. I thank others as well, but you really respond to my posts and I just want you to know it is greatly appreciated. It has helped so much not to feel so alone in this. Thanks loads.


Glad to help, Mary.

It's nice to get ahead of the docs, on occasion :)

[unless you're actually dying ;) ]




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