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Scottish Petition to Scottish Parliament

Read on the Thyroid UK site there that the 2 Scottish Women petitioning the Scottish Parliament re. GP'S and diagnosing Thyroid disorders were filmed by Scottish Television as was Admin Staff today at Thyroid UK. Lets hope it gets a decent spot on the news either tonight, over the weekend and probably on Tuesday when the petition will be discussed in the Scottish Parliament. All power to these champions taking this issue forward. :-) x

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Maybe it will be on the Morning TV programmes too.They may let us know the day/timings so we can watch, as will most of the World of Thyroid Sufferers.

I can just imagine the deluge of enquiries to these programmes, especially if people haven't had access to the internet.


It was Lyn Mynott, Chief Exec/Chair of Thyroid UK who was filmed! :)



Sorry Lyn. I got quite excited and posted it too quick to confirm everyones name! Thanks Louise for correcting me. Really good work and I am hoping for great things to come from this. Keep up the momentum.


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