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Public Petition - Scottish Parliament hearing again today

I couldn't see that this has been posted here so am risking duplication on this important day.

See Progress on getting a change in diagnosis and treatment



Please watch

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Thanks Sarah, Lala posted about this yesterday, but it's good to have a reminder today so I'm pinning the post. Lala's post is here



Thanks Red Apple and Lala x


The good news is they are keeping the petition open and are writing to Scottish Govt asking them to check out monopoly situation re Amdipharm Mercury T3 and to keep inquiry specific to Thyroid rather than muddying the waters by extending to incorporate other conditions - THANK YOU Elaine Smith fairy steps ;-)


Thanks Sarah, this is so good to hear! I actually agree with not muddying the waters by trying to cover too much ground at this stage. Keep the thyroid issue in clear focus and there's a chance things can move forward.

Thanks to all involved for their perseverance :)


Absolutely, every patient is indebted to them, super heroines indeed : )


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