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IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR THOSE ON T3 MEDICATION (re: no supply of UK T3 until june 2013)


Dear all,

I have just called the MHRA, I said to them:

'How come we only have ONE licensed T3 in the UK that our life depends on? what do I do now that it's out of stock potentially for 2+months?? I am going to end up in intensive care in a few days time if you don't source it for me'


the woman on the phone was EXTREMELY kind/sympathetic and helpful and got advice form the MANAGER of the Importing Unlicensed Medicines'

They said:

The GP needs to do NOTHING different, just write your 'ordinary prescription'

THE CHIEF PHARMACIST of your pharmacy is the one RESPONSIBLE for sourcing your medication


tell them that they are responsible to supply your medication, if it's out of stock they have to do 'a script' (this is the term used) and use a 'specialist importer' and obtain your medication. If they cannot obtain Mercury Pharma T3/liothyronine they are responsible for obtaining ANY other T3 from abroad.

If the Chief Pharmacist/manger 'fobs you off' then speak to the 'General Pharmaceutical Council' on 0203 365 3400

Now off you go and obtain your medication.

PS they also said your GP should help you to have 3 to 4 months worth of your own medication TO SPARE on one side in case of emergencies like this.

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Thanks for this i have copied and pasted this to take to the pharmacy when i need my T3 filled. Did look at Mercurypharma site but no mention of shortage. but did find this!

15/03/2013: Acquisition of Fucithalmic®

Mercury Pharma and Amdipharm today announce that they have merged to create a single, consolidated, international specialty pharmaceuticals company with pro forma revenues of around £250 million generated in 112 countries.

15/03/2013: Amdipharm Mercury Company Limited (‘AMCo’)

Amdipharm and Mercury Pharma have merged to create a single, consolidated, international speciality pharmaceuticals company. With effect from 1 March 2013 the merged entity will be called Amdipharm Mercury Company Limited (‘AMCo’).

Not sure if these mergers are a good thing or bad? My feeling is, less competition less products to choose from also more expensive.

I have discovered after ringing Asda they do the special script scheme the pharmacist has sourced me the T3 from another company not mercury pharma. They were very helpful and are even going to collect my script from the doctors surgery. The lady told me there are only 52 packets of T3 in the whole of the UK can you beleive that but they will re order. Once asda have you on computer they will always make sure you have your meds. So Asda is the way to go rather than ringing round as many chemists as you can manage OMG I hve visions of many sufferers in a manic frenzy such as I have been trying to source T3. Good luck everyone ring your local asda pharmacy. Lets hope this wont be an ongoing concern. The chemist also confirmed that this sort of thing is happening all the time of late and becoming more frequent not just for T3 but all other medications. Big Pharma grrrrr.

thank you Kezzerb, I knew the MHRA would know what they're talking about :)

when I rang my local pharmacy (who is holding my GP prescription right now) he said he would 'ring around' and get back to me, so am still waiting to hear.

PS 'there are only 52 packets of T3 in the whole of the UK....I NEED SIXTEEN OF THEM!'

read Kezzerb's post below :)

Thanks for the heads up and I have put my request into the Drs to write a prescription. I do keep a good 6 week supply in the house anyway will ensure that I always have enough now. How crazy is it that it could even happen anyway!


Do bear in mind that the AAH van goes from Asda to Tesco to goodness knows how many other pharmacies. By which I mean to suggest that Asda may hold absolutely no "central" stock whatsoever - only a few packets of the more commonly prescribed medicines in individual pharmacies.

The pharmaceutical distribution and retail operators have been running largely on lean stocks and twice-a-day deliveries since at least the early 1980s. Pretty much a just-in-time operation.

But I am NOT in that industry at all - if there is anyone who knows better, please put me right.


helen0701 in reply to helvella

Yes you are right pharmacies do not hold large amounts of stock that includes the major chains. Also if there is only 52 packs of t3 in the uk then trust me they will have all gone by now. A pharmacy manager cannot source supplies from abroad this would be done by the wholesalers if a fdrug cannot be obtained provided the pharmacist has made significant efforts to obtain it it thenbecomes the gp who has to prescribe an alternative

My Gp never has stock of my T3. They always have to order it and only give me 1 month supply at a time. They didn't actually tell me they couldn't get it until I went to collect it, even though they'd know for a week!!!!

thankyou for this off to pharmacy in morn

We have got a 1/4 filled prescription at Asda at the moment. I have to say they have been very, very helpful and have rung around everywhere and can't get us any at all. I didn't know about their duty of care to get it though. I will see how we get on at the dr tonight asking for further prescriptions to try and get it elsewhere.

This is a nightmare for so many people :(

Thanks for this :)

I only discovered this today after finally obtaining an rx for T3. I'll try Asda on the off chance.

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