Why do I have such high ferirtin levels?

I had my iron blood test. Why do I have such high ferritin levels and yet my serum iron levels

and saturation levels are lowish?

IRON 15.3 umol/L 10.6 - 28.3

T.I.B.C 58 umol/L 41 - 77


FERRITIN 239 ug/L 30 - 400

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Ferritin ranges confuse me - I have just had two ferritin tests and both ranges were 15 - 50 but yours are 30 - 400 so how does that work.

I don't think 239 is that high as its just over half way - why don't you speak to your GP and ask him/her.

Moggie x

Doesnt look high for the range but when it is high it can sometime be a sign that your body has some kind on inflamation . Yours is in the middle. x

I find this page really helpful: stopthethyroidmadness.com/f...

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