Low vitamin D but calcium levels normal???????? What can this mean?

I had RAI 2011

I've got thyroid eye disease and loads of other probs

Currently on 300 mcg and been taking t3 20 mcg

It's been a long hard slog and am crying all the time does low vit D do this or is it coz I've had enough-

Has anyone suffered with severe depression and has anyone seen a phycologist

God I'm rambling again sorry

Gp won't give me vit d replacement coz of everything else going on calcium levels ok could this be a problem with my parathyroid??????

I'm so confused feel so alone

Thanx as always

Julia x

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  • Usually when you have a problem with your parathyroid your calcium levels are high BUT I have high parathyroid levels, low VitD and my calcium levels are either normal or normal/high so the endo will only "keep an eye on it".

    Here is a link that I found very useful when I was researching this.


    How low are your VitD levels - if they remain low then your body will be unable to make the calcium it needs so will take it from the bones which could cause another lots of problems.

    Moggie x

  • Sorry I didn't make myself clear enough - if your parathyroid is hyper then it will keep calling for calcium and they will usually be high but if you have hypoparathyroidism then your calcium levels will drop.

    Moggie x

  • Thank u so much moggie x

    It's all very confusing - thank goodness for this site and the lovely people on here to make sense of it all xxxxxxxx

    Keeping my chins up xxxxxxx

    Kindest regards

    Julia x

  • I have to take calcium supplements since my thyroidectomy which have vit d added but my levels were still low so I had extra added. I would imagine its perfectly possible for calcium to be ok yet vit d low. I have found that I need my calcium levels to be around 2.3 to be free of symptoms so even though you are in range it may be too low for you.

  • Thank you for your reply

    I so appreciate it when I get to see my endo I know I will have the right things to say and ask

    Kindest regards

    Julia x

  • I found lots of useful information on hpth.org.uk My calcium levels were always low in range but I had loads of symptoms and saw an endo when they dropped slightly below who said drink milk and sit in the sun (it was Jan!). Fortunately my GP said lets try supplementing anyway which made a huge difference. I find my symptoms come back very quickly if it drops even slightly. The surgeon who did my thyroidectomy said that you should aim to keep calcium above 2.2 if have had thyroid removed.

  • Hi,

    I had a TT at the end of 2011. I have now got low vit d but my calcium levels are fine. My GP prescribes me vit d to take daily, although I did have to fight to keep it, and my blood is checked regularly.


  • Thank u so much

    This gives me hope for future wellness xx

    If I get more than 5 minutes with my endo in August I have lots of info to discuss

    Many thanks

    Julia xxx

  • Hi Sorry in a rush today. However to answer your question about calcium ( ideally an Endo) if in range, you still need a D test, it just means that you can have D treatment if needed and as long as the corrected calcium does not go over range.Re test both after 3 months.

    I hope that is clear.


  • Thank u jackie


  • It could be that your Vit D, Calcium, Vit K, and Magnesium are all out of whack. Often Vitamin K deficiency is the culprit. Unfortunately the medical researchers are only just putting this all together.


    You may want to consider light therapy including a safe tanning bed. Do your research on safe tanning beds first.


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