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Please help with test results - what is 'normal'?

Please help - I was recently urged to get thyroid function checked by my sister (hypothroid) and a friend (medical background) I have many symptoms that indicate hypothyroidism.

Just got test results back and would really appreciate some help with understanding them!

There are 3 columns: Under column titled 'Investigation' it says CTSH and in the same column under that is says: Serum TSH level (XaELV)

The column next to that is headed 'Normality' - there is nothing noted underneath.

The final column is 'Result' and it says: 1.20 mu/L (0.35 - 5.5)

I was told verbally that it is normal. Starting to realise that definition of 'normal' can vary and that there is more than one type of test. I would really appreciate some help before seeing the doctor tomorrow.

Looked at various symptoms and mine include: Memory very poor (lose track of trying to say half way through sentence - have to use lists etc) Depression (even though by nature upbeat). Feeling cold (go to bed with several layers on) Aches and pains (gone on so long am used to it)) Feeling tired (ditto!) Poor night time sleep and restless legs. Zero Libido, Hair Loss and mostly white hair early. Plantars Fascilitis, Dry Skin, scaly skin, Long term constipation, Poor appetite but gaining weight steadily, Slow healing of sores (also a sign of cancer apparently?) Nurse siad I had low blood pressure.

As recommended took temp at 3pm every day for an week using a digital thermometer under the tongue. Consistently in the 35 range with the lowest 34.9 and highest 36.2.

My sister is hypothyroid. My niece had thyroid cancer last year. One nephew chrones. One nephew hypothyroid.

I am in remission from late stage bowel cancer, and recently read underactive thyroid has a negative effect on colon function and may contribute to increased risk of cancer This was misdiagnosed as diverticulitis - colonoscopy late so was stage 3 before treatment. Then chemo related dehydration also missed acute renal failure . . have been very fortunate.

Please help advise if possible? Thank you

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With your family history and your symptoms I would be asking for a referral to an endo to see if they can sort it out.

At what time of day did you have your blood taken. The earlier you have it done the higher the TSH reading and, it may sound silly, but it really can make a difference.

Yes you are "in range" at 1.2 but reading your symptoms you could be hypo.

Have you had your B12, VitD or iron checked lately as if any of these are low they could be accounting for some of your symptoms - especially the tiredness, hair loss, restless legs and poor sleep pattern. Ask to see an endo who should then do all the tests necessary so that any vitamin deficiencies can be ruled out. Also, if you do get an appt, ask for your adrenals to be checked as these can also cause a lot of what you are talking about as I should imagine after all you have gone through they will have taken a severe battering.

Sorry I can't be of much help but its a very complicated illness and the limited blood tests you have had done won't always show the full picture.

People never fail to amaze me - after all that you had written and all that you have had go wrong with your health the last statement of yours left me flabbergasted - "have been very fortunate" would not have been words that I would have used had I been in your situation, more like very unfortunate.

Wishing you all the very best.

Moggie x


Thanks a lot Maggie - really kind and very helpful. Unlike the doctor I say this morning quote: "There's more to life than thyroid!" (subtext: Don't bother me with your whingeing!) I meant have been very fortunate to have survived so far xox


You wont have much of a life if you do have thyroid problems and they go untreated.

Moggie x


P.S: I had bloods taken at about 10am


Try for 8am next time.

Moggie x


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