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Worriied about my daughters thyroid test results

I have used this site for several years and have been so aided by the wealth of information here and I have finally started to get my thyroid under control.My daughter is 23 and has been suffering badly with stress IBS and tiredness.She has a busy job but I suggested she asked to have a thyroid check because I have it and my sister (my mother also ) She had the blood test on Tues and the Dr rang her at work yesterday and asked her to go to surgery to collect prescription.I am very alarmed as her THS was greater than 100 and her t4 was 4 I don't know their range but it is obviously off the scale. I feel so cross that I didn't pick it up earlier all the signs were there it I just thought she was too young !.The Dr has started her on 50 mcu, but i am so worried that they won't be able to get it down to a reasonable level (TSH of about 1 ) I feel well at this level. Do you think she should se a specialist or wait and see if the Dr handles it,I suppose they have reacted quickly to the blood test.Would it be a good thing to take vitamins b etc right away.I am so worried and have thinking it over in the night,but emailing this now feels like a solution already.Thanks for you help.

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you can see how she gets on with the GP.

I would recommend B vitamins, absolutely, and C, however.....get her to have all the usual tests we always recommend first before she starts the vitamins:

vitamin B12

vitamin D


iron studies (not just a full blood count)


you have been on this site a while you said so hopefully you have read about these and why they are important? :) :)

please don't panic, at least now you have an answer and you can work on it :)


yes Thankyou ,initial response is to panic.The lowest my TSH got was 10 and I know how ill I felt then. Yes the b and c vits will tell her to start straight awAy. she has been sent home from work so I hope they will bare with her because I can't see it being a quic k process to resolve.i will ask her to get the Dr to check the list above,also whether it is autoimmune like my sisters and I or brought on by stress.If the later I suppose it might resolve but with our family history I doubt it.I have suggested she joins this site for help and advice.Thanks lonce again for your help and quick response.Val


Hi Val six and a half years ago I was diagnosed underactive with results similar to your daughters. Tsh over a hundred and l can't remember t4 but it was low. That was the December. 6 weeks later tsh was 59. By June of the following year it was .58. You have to give the meds a chance.

Jo xx


Thankyou very much for your reply. Good to see you have recovered. Did it take a year to get your TSH right down,though when did you start to pick up,i cant imagine a TSH so low. My daughter has not long graduated and has been in her long awaited jjob for the last 10 months. I cant help worrying that she wont be able to go back too soon she is as weak as a kitten and works in a fast paced adertising agency . I dont suppose they can sack her but it will be difficult.How much T4 do you take now and did you need to see a specialist ?? I find it so hard to have confidence in most GP.s


Hi Val after a month l started to lose weight but didn't start to feel better until roughly 4 months and by that time I was down to my normal weight (well a few lbs over) and went down to part time in my job.. Only 4 days a week.. I never did feel just right on levo and my gp at that time was worse than useless, so asked her for a referral to dr S and he got me started on liothyronine t3. My own gp hadn't even heard of it but she did prescribe it for me.

I now take 70mcg t3 and have now started 25 levo again to see how it goes. I always seem to have something stopping me from being 100%. Its not depression but more of a wee bit of sadness. I have had my vit D3 checked and awaiting results.

Please try not to worry too much about your daughter. Her tsh will come down but it could take a while. Wishing you both all the best

Jo xx


Thankyou for your advice,I think a lot of it depends on the GP and their knowledge.But at least I am now for warned and will keep a close eye and will not be fobbed off if I don't think she is improving.Thankyou once again for your kindness .Val xx


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