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Hi been reading the comments to day on lab results for TSH levels ,i had words with my gp thursday about blood results ,any way to make a long story short, he told me that a Endocrinologist at the lab checks these results before they are sent back to the gp ,and he says whether they are ok and if meds need changing,I dont think this can be true as there would not be any need for us to see a endo at the hospital ,because a endo would aready be checking bloods. by the way he asked me to leave ,and i got the answer i needed from people on this site .

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  • Its a crime that they can say what you need without even looking at you :o

  • Ithink its the gp that checks the bloods and decide what dose meds you should be on ,He just wanted me to think that it was not just down to them ,they are useless really ,

  • Never heard that before. The lab techs so the tests required on your samples, and the results are sent to the Dr that requested them, and they decide if any or no treatment is required.

    If that was the case, there would have to be a Dr in every speciality there to examine the results.

    Ann xxx

  • Yes i agree ,the gp was not telling the true ,he just didnt know what to say ,but did not think of that ,they would have to have a Dr from all speaciality there to examine results,wish i had at the time.

  • Hi I am sorry but I just cannot believe that! Ask for a copy yourself, print out with ranges from receptionist, routine.Also I strongly suspect that with a gP like that ,you may well have only had TSH, and T4 , especially not free T3. I was originally treated on very low T3, very low TSH and T4 OK. I have hashimoto+ all the extras that can go with it. also makes sure you have a Diabetes test, autoimmune and hormonal, very similar symptoms to start with. I would suggest having an on line blood test for the 3 vital thyroid bloods.You should not have to but you need treatment, These come back to you, then show them to a different doctor in the practice for treatment. on line thyroid.uk.org.uk/tuk/te I use Blue Horizon, they are really a very well known Lab. This site or main site, venous blood or finger prick test. I pay £61, quote TUK 10 for the £10 discount ( either site).

    You must get treatment ,if you think you need it.

    Best wishes,


    You may not know, to reply to a post, click on"Reply to this" under that post,or we will not know.

  • just looked you can also get a FREE ferritin test with any test over £50 !!

  • Yes, that is right ,I had forgotten as my GP knows how the other tests are vital for me., Unfortunately not the most important one, Free T3, which is why I use Blue Horizon.

    best wishes,


  • Hi the gp only does TSH ,I do see a endo ,but i have bloods done at gps for meds review, i have been on a roller coaster ride with my meds, as the gp and endos bloods are done in different labs .The Eno as me on the low end TSH ,and then when i see the gp he puts me at the higher end,so levo up and down ,had print out of gps ranges ,and the people on here give me the advice so i can get it sorted with the endo next visit ,and i am gonna arange that only he controls my meds .I did not know i could tell the gp that i did not want them to interfere with the meds .

  • Hi I use 4 different Lbs, it is the ranges that matter, most bloods different at different Labs, just as accurate it is the assay used.Why does the Endo not tell the GP which bloods to do?. That is normal ,all do them themselves? All sounds ridiculous to me. My NHS will not longer do T3, I have TSH, T4 and Ft3 done by Blue Horizon, results to me on line and then show doc for treatment. TSH only is just about costs, not patient care. The main site for Blue Horizon is venous bloods or finger prick, quote TUK 10 for a discount. I pay £61 for Venous blood test, Both very accurate, well known Lab and their Harley st. doc checks them, any think major, they advise you.

    I hope that helps, to me it seems the only way to get the correct treatment.

    Best wishes,


  • I don't think that's true. My old GP once changed my dose and made me practically comatose. I demanded a referral back to my Endo who immediately upped the dose and told the GP off! And like said above, the results are done and sent straight back to requesting doctor, and then they refer you off to the specialists. Some GPs do talk rubbish!!

  • Yes you are right about Gps ,i have been practically comatose cause of them ,he can get more help off this site then the GP. Have only joint a few weeks ago but i got a big list to take to the Endo next visit thanks to the help i have had here.

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