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Feedback on lab results

These are my latest lab results I would be great full for any feedback please.

TSH 2.23 reference range (0.40 - 5.00)

free T3 3.78 reference range (2.60 -5.70)

My GP asked the lab to test for T3 but was unsure whether they would if TSH is within the normal range. They haven't checked t4 this time, but not too worried more interested in T3

Feeling better in comparison to how I've felt previous, but feel there's room for improvement

particularly on the energy front and weight loss issues. I simply can't lose weight what ever i do. Could my levels be better? Great full for any advise.

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Most people feel best with their TSH below 1, as per Dr Toft (former chair of the British Thyroid Association). I think a small increase in dose is a good idea, but take it slowly. Your T3 is in range but could be higher

What are you taking for your thyroid?


75 mcgs levothyroxine. I got the impression my GP didn't know much about t3, infact when I asked her to check it, she said " they don't tend to check in the North West."

I was aware of Dr Toft's recommendation's for TSH, but wasn't sure about the right levels of t3 for optimal health.

Thanks Carolyn


You're welcome :)

It is a good idea to get T3 into the upper half of the range. It sounds like an increase to 100mcg would be a good idea. After 6 weeks or so you will need another blood test, but if your TSH is still above 1 or your T3 is below 4.2 -ish or you are still experiencing symptoms, it would be a good idea to try 125mcg.

Provided you are not experiencing symptoms of too much thyroxine, it is ok to increase until your symptoms go as long as your T3 is still within range.

Your doctor seems fairly willing to listen so hopefully he will increase your dose :)

Carolyn x


It does make sense to increase, I just need the courage to tell my GP. The alternative is to seek a different doctor who is more willing.

Once again, Thank you!


yana, muster some courage, many GP's are more interested in their positions rather than your health so if you are not feeling as well as you would like and you are in the lower ranges of the blood tests, you have every right to request more medication. You don't say what you are taking but the addition of T3 to your thyroxine (T4) has been a valuable change for some but, if that can't be done, perhaps just an increase of T4 will work to bring your T3 level up. I do not understand how GP's can refuse an increase when people are barely in range for FT4 and FT3.


Thank you Heloise I'm taking 75 mcg levo, I have just read your link and it's really interesting. I have an appointment with my GP and will print off this info and the other link below. She can't possibly refuse not to increase my medication on the grounds of this information.

Once again thanks,


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