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blood and TSH test???

Hi! Folks :)

Went for a TSH test today at 2pm, and usually the results are ready really quickly (I can see them online, IM in BC)...Today the results are not up...Ive had a few bad experiences with this lab before....

While the sweet gal was taking my blood...I happen to notice what looked like her boss, or someone bossy, waiting to have a word with her....

Lab closes at 4..Results usually there about 330, if they did them at all...

"How long is blood good for, to do a TSH test?"

I would hate them to make up a score...They once gave me a reading that was sky high, and my gp said that's a mistake, and sent me back...

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Blood is good for several days but as the TSH varies throughout the say it is best taken early in the morning. Did you stop your medication 24 hours before?


A TSH taken at 2.0 pm is going to be useless, anyway. It should be done about 8/9ish at the latest. And on an empty stomach, too.


They never say to do any of that, but good to now know...I go later because, so many people are waiting to have tests done...It finally showed up "the results", and that's 3 times in a row Ive been back in normal range, with my meds of course...So glad. One problem maybe down....


Dgleds, fasting test early in the morning is recommended because TSH is highest early and before food. The fasting early test is best for people wanting a diagnosis or dose increase. I usually test mid day/early afternoon because TSH is suppressed anyway and I'm not looking for a dose increase.

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I just was happy to see its not moving around so was nearly the same 3 times in a row.. I probably tested close to same time of day these 3 times, if that helps me at all...Im the fast end of a hypothyroid for me...Im on 112mg of synthroid, could do 100, but think I"ll just leave it alone. its in a normal range ..


Dgleds, Same time of day testing is helpful.


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