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Newbie needing advice please


I start levothyroxine tomorrow morning after being diagnosed today after many blood tests with high antibodies but normal range T4 my Dr said I'm underactive. But could the high level of antibodies mean I have hash MOs? Please excuse my spelling, I'm feeling so ill and also a bit scared of starting my meds in the morning.

In May my Dr said my blood readings were strange so referred me to the hosp. but because she has now diagnosed me, should I still keep the Aug appointment?

I have had fibro for 20+ years, also thinning hair, feeling cold etc all symptoms that I didn't know until now are also related to thyroid

Can I expect any effects at all after my first dose of (25) tomorrow?

Thank you for reading my post, I hope someone will please help with advice for me.

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Hi summer. To start with anyone here new and asking advice of the forum needs to post their blood test results to start the ball rolling so to speak. It will look something like this with your result followed by the ranges (in brackets) ...

Ideally you will have both free T4 and free T3 listed as well as TSH, as well as other levels like ferritin, folate, b12 and D3 - all of which can be deficient with thyroid problems.

When "normal" ranges are mentioned disregard as we need our levels to be "optimal" - sadly many MDs haven't a clue what this is - that's what is so great about the community here.

Your dose of Levo is just a starter dose that you can expect to be raised every 6-8 weeks, each time with new blood results to check levels.

Start a new post with those blood levels listed as shown in the link to get the best feedback as older posts tend to get lost sometimes.

PS here's a similar post that I found under "related posts" that may be of help.



Your doctor is starting you on a very low dose which is normal. The dose will be increased at certain intervals until your results are better in the range. Don't be afraid of the meds. They are you friend! If you are treated properly and eventually, optimally, you will feel much better. You should also get tested for ferritin, folate, Vit. D and Vit. B-12. These are often low. If you are optimally treated and also getting the proper nutrition you should see a reduction in your fibro and hair thinning also. Post your test results with the reference ranges here. Since you have antibodies you should also eat a gluten free diet. Many people also benefit from eliminating dairy, soy, caffeine, alcohol and sugar. All of these things affect your gut and a healthy gut contributes to a healthy immune system. Keep us posted.

In theory you shouldn't really notice anything. It's a low dose to get your body used to it. Each dose increase takes 6 weeks to get up to its full strength but as time passes you may feel a difference. I hope your doctor has told you to go back after 6 weeks for anothe blood test which at this stage will indicate you need some more medication. Increases are in 25's and after each one wait the 6 weeks and then retest till you are on the best dose for you.

You mustn't try to speed this up, it doesn't work doing that.

Now having said you won't feel different at first you may because of the fillers. Tablets have fillers in them to bulk then up and to keep them stable. We can be allergic to fillers so if you think that might be a problem then take an antihistamine one hour before your medication and if it helps then you have an allergy you need to try another brand, speak to the pharmacy about it.

Have a look at the Thyroid Uk site as they have loads of thyroid info but you can't talk it all in a first but have a look T how to take the medication and the do's and don'ts and shout out if anything you don't understand. They run this forum

Another good habit to get into is to always ask for a copy of your results and ranges and then you can post and we can help you understand how to read them etc Ranges are very important as they differ from lab to lab so without them we would only be guessing

So glad you have found us and welcome!

Hi when I started 2 years ago my first tablet made me feel like I couldn't move. Lasted a few hours and was fine after that. Two years on I'm very much better. Try not to worry 🤓

Thanks for replying I will post my blood results tonight. Day 2 on levo and I can't function like this and I just can't take tomorrow's tablet feeling so sleepy, nauseous and worst foggy head I've ever had in my life. Please someone tell me what do do I had such geat hopes now the fetique is crippling I dare not take another pill.

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