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this time tomorrow i will be in my appeal meeting wish me luck guys

well my appeal for my job is tomorrow is tomorrow . Which I will have to handle myself as after complaining to the London office of my union about my poor representation they have now withdrawn all representation and work colleges are to scared to come with me

I have however been given permission to take my employment advisor in with me to take notes after confirming that she is not legally qualified.

She is not permitted to represent me or discuss anything with me and we will not be able to have a break together

so along with my good old friends anxiety ,depression and stress plus all the other symptoms of graves I will be putting my case forward

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Well, good luck, but the lack of support/representation is appalling. ACAS were good when I needed a hand. Have you checked them out?

xx G


I just wanted to wish you good luck. This obviously cannot be pleasant for you. Make sure you have copies of all relevant information with you. And try to remain calm. I have been a similar situation, but different situation than yours, in the workplace. As I was ill and stressed I was not in the right frame of mind to represent myself even though I tried. I did have a union rep, but to be honest he was not that good. It was a very stressful time.


I wish you the best of luck, 123hih123. I'm sorry you haven't had good support and hope the appeal goes your way.


Good luck .my son had a problem at is work and ACAS got involved .in is meeting he was told he could take a fellow work mate in with him,maybe you could ask they can only say yes or no.All the best .


Thank you for your kind words and support

Acas have given me a few points but they have to stay impartial

It means a lot to me that strangers have taken the time to wish me luck

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Good Luck


Remember if your hypothyroidism is such that it has a substantial effect on normal day to day activities (whether due to physical or mental causes) then it is covered by the Equality Act. See .

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All the best.


Good luck! I hope it goes ok for you.

Take care, Wired.


Good luck! I'm an HR consultant so please feel free to pick my brains if you think it would help at this late stage.

Deffo drop in the disability issue if you can as hopefully they will think twice.


If you have the time please look at my profile and see what I have gone through the last 4 to 5 years at work

I have been dismissed on the grounds of medical reasons and poor attendance

All they had to do was make ajustments or even give me some understanding take notice of occ health reports

I would really aprichate any help you can give me

When I was on a phase return my supervisor came out swearing and was aggressive to me I was in such a state that I jumped into my car and ended up back at the doctors

I asked if I could come back to work and work with people I trusted and felt safe around as I am a lone worker and that was me being picky

All I needed was help and support


I also forgot to suggest that you look at your home insurance to see if it includes a legal advice helpline, many do and it may be that you can use it for a solicitor and tribunal help


Unfortunately I relied on my union subs for legal help as I was under the impression everything was covered

What a joke the main reason we join a union is for work issues and the legal help if needed and it's not covered


I would also like to wish you Good Luck and please let us know how you get on.


Yes good luck. Hope it goes well. I don't think I've heard of anyone being treated well after phase return, quite often it seems you are expected to do your normal job in less time! Write yourself crib cards for expected questions so you don't forget anything important. I've never been aware of what sort of things are asked in these situations but I imagine one thing that should be asked is how this problem affects you on a day to day basis and if they don't ask that then I would want to say that Can I explain etc I don't think anyone really understands how debilitating it can be unless they are fellow sufferers or close to someone who is. Even a lot of medics think it's as simple as Just taking the meds. i hope you can find someone able to go in with you so they know and can remind you what was said. Take care

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Thank you for your kind words x


Good luck, 123hih123. So sorry this has happened to you. Life can be so unfair.

Hugs, Grey xxx


Good luck, I am being finished at work after 36 years due to Graves disease and Thyroid eye disease they don't understand what we are going through and causing more stress. Keep us informed how you got on.



Please read this article on Martin Lewis's web called "Resolver-how to use the free complaining tools all to do with legal matters they even help people"

I took my hospital to the court of appeal and won, however I'm not at home and don't have the papers.



Good luck x

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I hope it goes well for you xx


Firstly let me thank you all for your support

I am not holding up any hope so I think it might be Acas here I come

The top brass in his summing up tried to let's say tarnish my credibility by let's say I am off my rocker

That I think there is a conspiracy against me and it's down to my mental health issues i

Not in his words but that's summing up the meeting unfortunately I was not aloud to pass my comments back as I had already given my conclusion

I'm just happy I had someone there to take notes this time

It should be 5 working days till I get the result but I have to allow extra time for the bank holiday

Once I get my notes as a lot of it has gone over my head I will fill you in even more

I'm proud of myself for standing up to bullying in the workforce as my daughter in her teens was involved in youth parliament and they did a big champagne about bullying

What is most upsetting is that there are all these policies and procedures equality act, health and Saftey executive, human rights commission etc but there is no help to make a stand and get help doing so there is no support

The union doesn't want to know

Citizan advice just gives you acas's telephone number

Leagal aid has been stopped for employment issues so basically if you have not got the funds you are left on your own

Tribunal costs £250 plus £950 for court fees

So how do you fight your corner something needs to be done what about the people out there who just can't deal with it


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