Never Events in your NHS trust

How does your NHS trust fair in what it know as "Never Events". Open the link, click on your trust and it will give you a description of the "never events" that occurred.

And can I add what a stupid name for what are errors and mistakes - a "never event" would suggest it "never" happened but clearly they did.

Moggie x

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These are AWFUL!! :(

Not too bad in our area - lucklily! x

Obviously that's what they want you to think - it never happened!

I really don't understand how they manage to operate on the wrong site so many times. How difficult is it to mark the area in the ward when the patient is lucid, and then look for the mark in the operating theatre when the patient is asleep? Come to that, how difficult is it to read patients notes... It's just too terrible.

When my dad was in hosp the previous patients notes were still at the foot of his bed. He demanded that they be removed more than once until eventually I did something about it - one possible reason why so many patients have the wrong site operated on. This is in no way an excuse or a valid reason, just an observation.

Moggie x


Really frightened to have my gall-bladder op in our local hospital now. It has been 11 months now since I went on the list, but as have had no further pain from it and still suffering skin problems from antibiotics I am quite happy waiting and hope it wont be needed now. Janet.

Sorry Janet I didn't mean to frighten anyone.

Moggie x

This only covers English NHS trusts - I'm in Wales. Wonder if our figures will be published?

Try your local BBC website and see if they have the same article - you never know.

Moggie x

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