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Trust me I'm a Doctor


Did anyone else seen the topic on thyroid on Trust me I'm a Doctor? Good but not good enough. I have put a post on their website asking for a more thorough investigation. If many others do the same we might get somewhere

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Hi Phyloreardon,

There are half a dozen discussions on the Trust-me-I'm-a-doctor programme you might want to take a look at

in reply to Clutter

Clutter - HU broke your link for you so I've made a Tiny one! :D

Thanks Louise :)

I saw it and have just joined this site now and posted something. I had never heard of T3 before this. I agree with you. This should be properly researched. I feel I have lost the last 10 years of my life which has also affected my son's life as he is only 13. If adding T3 improves my situation I will be delighted but so resentful that this was never explored for me before.

Please don't do as I did. Don't waste your time and energy on resentment. After years of resentment and hatred of the medical profession, I've just come to accept that doctors do not know everything. They can only do what they have been trained to do. Beyond that we need to take responsibility for our own health. Of course, it's difficult because of the way the system works. We are trapped in a system that requires doctors' approval for the medications we need. A system where doctors don't look outside the box of the standard of care even if the standard of care is ineffective. They are as trapped by the system as we are. But since change takes time, time we don't have, we need to either work the system to our advantage or go outside the system to get what we need. In any case, we need to be proactive and positive. Resentment did nothing to change the system and only ate me up inside.

I self treat so am not resentful but I do think it could only be good to get the problem out in the mainstream. The more people who know it can only be for the good

Absolutely! Education is the key and our only hope!!

When you say 'self-treat' do you mean you buy T3 yourself? Can you tell me where from? I am determined to at least try this for myself if my GP won't help.

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