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Those who are taking large doses of T3 - how do you split them?

Currently taking 112 mcg daily so that means 2 lots of 50 mcg and last dose is 12 mcg.

I now feel that an increase is necessary but want to keep the last dose at 12 mcg due to suffering from insomnia and feeling totally exhausted.

How do you all manage? Just wondering whether splitting into 4 doses may help.


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I take it all at once when I wake up :)

if you have to split them then you usually add to the first dose of the day and then the second, if you don't want to increase your 3rd dose then increase just the 1st and 2nd.

You 'can' take more than 50mcg in one go, I take 160mcg in one go.

I am not saying everybody will be 'ok' taking 160mcg in one go, what I am saying you can try to increase your first dose and see how you go.

you can do: 62.5mcg then 50mcg then 12.5mcg


I remember you saying about this and I did give it a go but my body was not happy! I think this memory is making me uncomfortable with it.

It's a pita taking 3 doses daily, never manage the same time each day either.

Just completely frustrated after having felt so well.

Thanks for your reply though.


I take all my 200 mcg at night before I go to sleep. Just slip it under my tongue and it dissolves as I sleep. Works for me.


Another lucky person!


Have you tried taking it at night? What happened?


I take 25mcg four times daily, It works for me.


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