Want to try very low dose of T3 - should I split the dose

I stopped taking 10 mcg T3 with my T4 as I developed atrial fibrillation. But on 100 mcg T4 only I felt not 100%, and my free T3 was low. I have tried reintroducing T3 with a lower dose of T4, but feel that it is now causing heart palpitations. I went from 10 to 5 mcg of T3 in 2 doses but still feel not quite right. Thought I would try the Ken Blanchard approach and take 2.5 mcg T3 with 90 of T4. But should I still split the dose of T3? I have 5 mcg tablets and can split them into two with a pill cutter, but they shatter when trying to split them further. ( I have not yet read his book so don't know what he suggests).



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  • I had severe palpitations when on levo and was forever in and out of A&E/ambulances. I haven't had any since being on T3 only. I have no idea why but it works for me. I've always taken whatever thyroid hormone replacements/combinations once daily.

    Sometimes palpitations can be caused by too low a doe as well as too high, so we are in a quandary at times to know what to do for the best. A link which may be helpful.


  • Hi - not a direct answer, but difficulties in taking t3 can be caused by nutritional deficiencies. I have looked through your previous posts and the last tests I see for these were July 2016 with some of them less than optimum. Might it be time to re-test these to see if there is anything there causing issues? The main relevant ones are vit D, vit B12, folate and ferritin.


  • Coachv,

    Reducing T4 dose may mean you are undermedicated which can cause palpitations as well as being overmedicated. Why not increase Levothyroxine dose to 100mcg plus 2.5mcg T3 x 1 daily.

    I believe Dr. Blanchard used compounded T3 in doses of 1.25 - 2.5mcg to treat his patients.

  • I agree with Clutter . Increase Levo to 100 and add 2.5 mcg T3/NDT in divided doses .I just want to clarify in NDT it's about 16mg .

  • Clutter you are right . Dr B never went higher then 2.5 mcg of T3 in a time release capsule . And his theory works . But you can make your own time release by dosing 2-3x/day . His theory is 98.5:1.5 ratio . His patients loved him . He had patients from all over the world . He is a tremendous loss for the thyroid world .

  • Jgelliss,

    Yes, His death is a tragic loss.

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