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Test Results normal but I feel awful


Hi can anyone give me some advise my yearly test results have come back normal from the GP, but I feel sluggish, have put loads of weight on,have very dry skin and sometimes feel spaced out.

I was diagnosed with graves disease in 2006, and was treated with RAI in 2008. I am not on any thyroid medication, my blood results are:

TSH 3.4 (02.4)

Free T4 16.8 (10.20)

Thyroid Peroxidase antibody 35 (<100)

I don't know where to start to help myself to become healthy, I feel really down at the moment.

I would appreciate some help and advice


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I wonder what your t3 is like. I guess they didn't test it - ?

That tsh is within normal range but too high if you're not feeling well. With these results I think you'll continue to be told you're normal even though those are classic hypo symptoms.

Have you had your vits and mins tested (b12, d, iron, ferritin, folate)? If anything there is a bit low it may make you feel worse.

If you like you can order a private blood test for all these + thyroid incl t3. It might reveal what's not going well. Self treatment is an option if you don't want to wait for the gp to catch you on a high tsh day (which you're not far off really, as the range goes up to 4).

Having Hashi's I'm not acquainted with the guidelines for Graves' in terms of when they agree to give you levo (if you have to be outside the range or if they make you wait until tsh is very high). Did your doctor say anything about what they're looking for there?

prsonnally altho that tsh is with 'in range', to me its not good enough

Agree with bluepettals -in other countries it would be consider out of range -too high. Your symptoms are classic of developing an under active thyroid. I am not familiar with Graves but am wondering if the treatment that you had ten years ago which effectively damaged slowed the functioning of your thyroid has now gone the other way......believe this is often the case. Your doctor should be keeping a close eye on you and at the least should repeat thyroid tests in three months. In the meantime you can get your B12, vitD, iron, ferritin levels checked -and optimise them -this helps with the uptake of thyroid hormomes in the system.

I would also keep a diary of symptoms, signs incouding bp, pulse rate and temp taken before rising in the morning.


I would say a TSH above 2.5 is a sign the thyroid is struggling and agree with everyone here. Personally I would self medicate you wouldn't need a big amount but yes still get all the crucial vits tested aswell.My body responded very well to thyroid meds before levels were optimum but everyone is so different.

I had the same for nearly 2 years until my levels eventually went above "normal". Even a slight change can cause symptoms. You should go back to your doctor and let them know you are still not feeling well. Hopefully you will get a nice dr that will listen and help!

sometimes when you're in a low mood because of getting nowhere with dr's, it can cause a disturbance with other health issues, I know, having hypothyroidism, rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, bipolar 2, I.B.S.

I personally tried changing habits, change from everyday fats to, extra virgin olive oil fats, or use organic coconut oil, I don't drink any form of milk, so use herbal tea, peppermint is brilliant for bloating, green tea, or white tea has more benefits than normal tea, try aloe vera juice, cut out bread if you can, I also do fruit plus capsules, and take selenium and zinc a c e, taking this can help a great deal, as your body doesn't store excess vits, so if you're low, this will help speed things up.

hope this helps

Hi everyone thank you so much for all your advise, what do you mean when you say self medicate. Think I also need to get my vitamins and minerals checked .


I just stopped relying on them and just self medicated eventually. Even my depression which I have had for years is fine. I get the odd day but previous to this I was clinically depressed. They never look at all the symptoms together as a complete indicator but each individual thing as it crops up. The body is way more complexed then that and needs help to get back to relatively normal with a combination of so many things.

I have been feeling depressed and so tired even though my haemoglobin is normal. What do you self medicate with, what is it, where do you get it from and how much do you know to take.


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I started on Natural dessicated thyroid. Called thiroyd which you can purchase online. You start low and build up. Say on 1/2 a tablet(some people call them grains). Increase every two weeks until you feel better. Also later I added T3 as wasn't fully well on just NDT. I can inbox you where I got my NDT from if you like. Think it's around 35 pounds for 1000 tablets.

Thank you for all your comments, do you think the first thing I should do is get my vitamins checked. I did have my vitamin d checked 2 years ago and it was very low, GP gave me a high dose to take over 1 month then said to buy any from a chemist or supermarket. So that is what I have been taking, it's called d3 1000iu from vitabiotics. Have not had my other vitamins checked, anything thing else I can do.

Thank you all


Hi, I'm not sure of your age, however, you could be going through the change. It brings on an array of so many different symptoms. I'm 43 and going through the change with so many different ailments........Oh how wonderful it is growing older.

Take care

Hi tinkerbell18 thank you for your reply, I'm 60 years of age so have gone through the change. Like you said oh the joys of growing old!!! Ha ha

Take care

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