Pulse B12 Article

Pulse B12 Article

Pulse has just run a B12 article, which is generally excellent. I would very much wish to know that most GPs had read it - or were already ahead of it!

Ten top tips - vitamin B12 deficiency

GP Dr Andrew McCaddon offers advice on how to identify and manage vitamin B12 deficiency

<I feel there is no point in selecting a bit to quote - go to the Pulse site and read it all. Including comments.>


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  • Excellent excellent excellent - well worth printing off and taking to your GP if you are not being heard.

    Thanks for posting.

  • This is a great article. Have been wondering for a while why me feet burn at the end of the day. Now I know why. Worrying thing is I am already supplementing myself as I was low in the 'normal range'. Will print off and take to the docs. I think this needs further investigation. Thanks for sharing.

  • There are other causes of burning feet, hypothyroidism being one of them :(

    You (and maybe your doc too) might find this article of interest:

    Burning feet syndrome

    A clinical review



  • Gosh! I've had burning feet for years, all my life I think, and I find the heat quite unbearable at night and I have to stick my feet out from under the bed covers or spray them during the night with foot spray.

    My youngest daughter is the same and I think she might be hypothyroid but her GP has said that her thyroid blood tests are normal but her iron levels are low. He has given her folic acid and iron tablets. I will keep on her to get it checked out further.

  • Brilliant! I saw my GP last week about my Vit B12 blood test and he told me it was normal. It was within the normal range but below the mid point and he didn't think I needed supplementation. He implied that I would only need supplementation if I was a vegetarian and didn't eat meat or I was at risk. Derrrrrrr! I've had thyroid cancer removed 9 weeks ago, I am now hypothyroid and I take Metformin for diabetes, which causes Vit B12 deficiency. Am I at rick or not? He thought he was being clever and when I explained that Metformin causes Vit B12 deficiency plus my other recent condition he looked shocked that I would know. Anyway, I agreed to play it ear and we would discuss it at a later date when I was feeling better, I feel lousy cos of the hypothyroidism. This article will be used when I next see him.

  • Is there any way to see this article without registering with Pulse? Am having a real problem with unwanted e-mails and am now trying not to give out contact details unless absolutely necessary.

  • No.

    Use a different email address?


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