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Pulse Article By Dr. Vanderpump-Comments Edited Or Deleted

There were quite a few good replies to the Pulse article but if you take a look many have been deleted or edited. I doubt if anyone will be terribly surprised. PR

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I believe that's what is known as shooting yourself in the foot.


They have been doing that for years whenever theres articles about thyroid

they delete messages and block members from posting

the medical profession simply cannot stand any critism of the appalling way thyroid patients are treated

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You are supposed to be a medical person in order to be registered, so that's probably why items have been deleted as well as lambasting his theor(ies). I haven't read them as I cannot remember password and don't want to put a new one at present. I shall just email him when I am ready.


As we can't do anything about that one due to censorship - this one is much more readily accepted by GPs, academics and Monty Python fans..... a witch-hunt... hmm....


There have been complaints about patient access to posting on Pulse. I think it's only been possible since they upgraded something or other and they're trying to find a way to block non-medics from posting. Short sighted in my view. I'd want feedback but then I don't have a fragile ego.


This deluded doctor would not allow any naysayers would he? He 'pumps' out his poisonous views and won't accept criticism....


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