Signs and Symptoms of B12 deficiency

The following is a link which has a form (developed by Dr Chandy over decades of caring for patients), that has been found to be extremely reliable for assessing symptoms of a B12 deficiency. Also a paper about CFS/ME:-

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Thank you Shaws....I am sure I post more about B12 deficiency than Thyroid. There has to be a connection :-)

Definitely, I think. Considering that many are not even in the middle of the range, yet are told they are o.k.

Just yesterday I whizzed a pal off to the clinic in our village - clutching a B12 phial and syringe for her to have an injection !! Her result in the UK was around 200 - and all they wanted to do was increase her AD's....and said there was nothing wrong with her B12. I was incandescent :-)

It's disgraceful really. We read, nowadays, more than the doctors about the necessity of B12 supplements. I would never have imagined that people would have to be 'medical tourists' instead of holiday ones!


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