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Answers lead to questions!! People who have seen an Endo, you are needed :)


Okie dokie

I found the endo I was looking for - he exists! Helpful people on the phone told me I could have a 45 min consultation for £190 and then blood tests could be done more locally at the nearest nuffield centre clinic.

Now I have further q's...

1. Do I need a referral to get blood tests on the NHS?

2. If I do need a referral, how do I get them to refer me to the right person? (Endo is private)

3. What do I say to a GP? Do I walk in and say "hi can you sign me up to see this endo and get the NHS to pay for my blood tests?"! Clueless, seriously

4. What happens when you go to an endo? Am I supposed to ask questions, or do they ask me

5. How much is it likely to cost if I can't get it on the NHS? Blood tests cost £10-60 each and follow up appointments cost £120 so how many tests will they do...just because somebody might have done this and have a vague idea...?

Thank you such a lot, this whole thing is like swimming in treacle :D

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When I saw a private Endo I referred myself but my GP knew about it. Endo wrote to GP requesting any tests I needed, all bloods were done at my surgery, no problem. The only test I paid for was the short synacthen test which was done at the private hospital. You have to be careful if paying for tests as it will become very costly, you pay not only for the bloods to be taken but also lab fees.

Write down all the things you want to talk about and see how it goes, some Endos are hard work, some not so bad. It is a good idea to keep your GP informed of what you are planning rather than spring a load of surprise tests on them, you also need to know if they will agree to doing the tests.

Don't pin too much on this Endo, they don't always turn out as perfect as we had hoped, been there and got the T-shirt !

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You can make a new Post giving the Endo's name only and ask for private messages to be sent to you with information if they've consulted him.

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Cool thanks, will do :)

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Thank you so much for your detailed description. I will do as you say and keep those things in mind. Thank you! :)


An endo consultation is pretty much the same as a GP consultation but not time limited to 5-10 minutes. State your most pressing symptoms and ask any questions you have. It may be useful to give the endo a note of meds/doses and supplements you take.

If the endo hasn't requested tests prior to consultation take copies of your recent blood tests. Endo will discuss symptoms,review results and adjust meds or dose as required and tell you whether he requires further tests.

if your GP won't do the tests your private endo requests you should compare Nufffield costs with Blue Horizon and Genova.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.

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Thank you, that all makes sense, I will follow your advice and see what I can do :)


Yes I would ask GP to refer you and do bloods. If you want to go quick pay private but ask GP to do bloods. On my one visit to my private endo I had bloods done as I wanted to get a quick increase but bill for Tsh,ft3,ft4 test was 200 pounds on top of consultation.

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Thanks, so helpful :) wish you best of health hopefully less expensive! Xx

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Yes I now buy NDT from USA which endo told me to do and haven't needed to return for the last 9 months so fingers crossed. Good luck.

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