can't take it no more!

i'm really really struggling, im deciding whether or not to self medicate and buy some ndt, this is awful im dizzy all the time, anxious and foggy its getting to the point I cant even focus on driving anymore, my vision is terrible and im crying all the time, I cant live like this anymore, please advice, I know the thought of self medicating is dawnting but if my gp don't agree to a trial of thyroxine tomorrow I have nothing else I can do :( x

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  • It can be dangerous to self medicate. Try finding a referral to an NHS Endo or a private GP or endo from the supplied list if you are getting nowhere with your GP.

  • I am already with a endo and my gp isn't helping as im in "range" x

  • Hi Nichola

    what did Dr P say when you saw him? I know that you are taking Nutri adrenal and building up because you answered my question on that before and I remember you saying something about Nutri thyroid as well. Is that not helping? Maybe you need to see Dr S as well. I know these appts get very expensive. Anyway I think you should wait with taking the decision of self medicating until you know what to do with the nodule situation?


  • all they want to advise on the nodule hun is having it removed I don't want to do that until its a last resort hun, maybe I should go and see doctor skinner im not sure where to go from here you know :( I have a gp app tomorrow and im going to beg for a trail of thyroxine but I know sometimes that don't help some either, im just at the end of my tether like many and I really cant cope no more :( x

  • I know how you feel. It is also sooo hard if you have young children and no energy.I hope that he will help you tomorrow. Can you bring somebody with you , I have brain fog too and forget to say 1/2 of what I planned to say and remember 1/2 of what dr say unless I have somebody with me.

    Good luck


  • I know how you feel. It is also sooo hard if you have young children and no energy.I hope that he will help you tomorrow. Can you bring somebody with you , I have brain fog too and forget to say 1/2 of what I planned to say and remember 1/2 of what dr say unless I have somebody with me.

    Good luck


  • Hi Make sure you have had TSH, T4 and free T3 tested on line, They come to you with the results and ranges. I use Blue Horizon,Costs about £61 with £10 discount if you quote TUK 10.. Then if FT3 not near the top of range and T4 is you may well need T3 and Levo ( T4) ,this should be obvious and then you can go to GP and try and get the correct treatment. Often now, due to costs GP`s only test TSH, or TSH and T4.Have the tests and then if not sure etc post them for us to see.Also ask the GP to do a diabetes test as very similar symptoms, autoimmune and hormonal .Even if self treating, which I think far too dangerous, very potent drugs, then you still need regular tests done for blood ranges. If it was me, I would see a really good Endo ,of your choice, not GP`s, careful research. I saw Private docs because gP difficult , no referral then for those, It was only when I saw a good Endo that i was stable in a year, Hashimoto ( autoimmune) An Endo also tests everything related. If private Endo, if request they wlil instruct GP about tests etc.

    I hope that helps.

    Do not give up, fight to have the correct treatment, I speak from long experience.

    Best wishes,


  • my tsh in march was 2.84, ft3 5.3 and ft4 15.1 x

  • H I have sent you a PM.


  • thanks i'll go look now x

  • I haven't got ot Jackie :/ x

  • Hi Nichola,

    I think Virgin must have struck again. They are a menace. I had to type it twice and still not in my sent items! I am going right now to a long appointment with my Hepatologist ( liver), I will definitely write when I am home. around tea time.. Try not to worry. I have a few ideas.


  • thank you x

  • Hi nichola79. I understand i felt like that. i dont have nodules but my sister have. You thyroid can be working well but you have an inmune attack . Have you have a top or tgi test for antibodies . i bet is positive. Dont give up this is like this just keep fighting.

  • i mean TPO.

    do you know about hasimoto's. if you have a nodule there is something going on with your thyroid.

  • my results was 18.7 and 17.3 x

  • Hello Nicola,

    I will try again. Forgive me if I am repeating myself. Antibodies of ten do not show to start with. I have Hashimoto, only had an ultra sound when voice and swollowing really impossible, gradually got worse over 50 yearsAt one time it was either Hypo or Hyper and that was is. As you know now much more known now. If you have presumably had an ultra sound, you also need tests for PTH ( Parathyroid) , the first test is bloods Must be Am for corrected calcium and PTH and vit D. If all high or D high for you and others high Then for that you need an Nuclear scan, large teaching hospital, they do a CT at the same time. Just involves, fully dressed, lots of lying down and waiting in between.Y may also need a pituitary test, 24 hour urine with cortisone at midnight and blood test at 9 ma. This is all Endo. Also if Autoimmune , which seems obvious then the other autoimmune tsts,Glucose , B12 and Foliates, iron / Ferritin. All also Hormonal. They could be making your thyroid first. Going back to the nodules. You should have next had a needle biopsy, under ultra sound by a specialist registrar. only then should the surgery be recommended , ie if slightly suspicious, unlikely given your age. If you see a surgeon, they will not operate unless consider it is needed, they are not Knife happy now a days and want to be sure it is the correct treatment. if you see the surgeon, he will discuss it properly and right up to the day of the OP ,you can say " No", Regarding Endo, you need to see one who tests all these things either directly or instructing the GP.they also automatically test the other common thyroid related autoimmune diseases. Ask for a copy of te one you saw `, letter to GP, blood tests + ranges. Phone the secretary, you are entitled to receive them but they usually as a courtesy check with consultant first.

    Then do your own careful research, details if you get back to me. Only then ask the GP for a new referral. If they referred you one , they should easily refer you again If not, time to make a fuss.

    Not sure where you live, I have recommended mine to lots of TUK, general Endo, at leamington Spa, I see her privately but you only need to pay the cost of the consultations ,if not insured and she writes to the GP about the rest, Details if you ask me. Any way all consultants write to GP for scripts etc. I no good, I do know of a couple of good NHS ones in Birmingham.I live in Solihull. My local one, a Prof. I would not see under any circumstances! There are ways of finding some one good. I would still go a head and speak to the surgeon, not committing your self in the slightest.

    I hope this helps and you actually receive this now, actually more relevant with the additional info. I think your TSH is a little high and will certainly get worse without the correct treatment. Do not wait for that With the slight added complications and the tests you need personally I would not see a private doctor, I made that mistake years ago due to certain circumstances.It would only be safe to self treat if paying for frequent bloods on line. It is really dangerous as very powerful drugs and you need to think of the nodules etc.

    Try not to worry,. lots you can do but you do need treatment if you think you do!

    Best wishes,


    Get back to me if I can help you further..

    I thought I was going crazy, sent this 3 times on your PM, realised not going to you. There must be some problem with your PM messaging, I often use them, never accounted that before Doctors names not allowed on the site, so if you want that or any other help, you can try and PM me.At least I was able to cut and paste ths time.


  • you say if I have a nodule something is going on with my thyroid, why cant the gp's and endo's see this? x

  • Hey Nicola, Jacki is correct, I have multinodular goitre and had a scan, to check for pathology, mine were normal, I have intermittent feeling I am being choked. Gp will not to anything as got no knowledge, I have battles for two years, I eventually slung the towel in and decided to go private. I was offered a small dose of thyroid meds, which did nothing, except compounding ny existing symptoms, therefore even self medicating, May not be the answer. Find a good endo to instruct the gp. I am going soon to my private consultation, consultation, I once felt like you and still do, but I have learnt a long the way, no matter how much I made a noise, nothing was being done, I decided to confront my doc with evidence and then asked for my referal. I have gained knowledge and used it. No way Will I give up, easy said than done, I just keep banging on doors until I am satisfied. I hope you decide to go private alternatively if you are worried about the node, find out information and show your gp and explain you are concerned. Hope this helps and don't give up hun. Xx

  • I have wrote a letter to my gp im taking it with me tomorrow....

    I continue to suffer from many symptoms on a daily basis that the endocrinologist has stated is not associated with my thyroid, i have had several test from recent to years ago with no valid explination as what is actually going on, research has shown me that a tsh of 2.84 is clinically too high and the optimal level in a healthy none symptom person is 1 or under.

    I appreciate gp's has to follow protocols within there services but i am very desperate to get my health back for myself and my lovely family.

    It is extensively documented that thyroid issues causes anxiety, aswell as a host of other symptoms, I am of the opinion that the endocrinologist is incorrect in his beliefs that my thyroid malfunction is not causing my other problems.

    If you are unable to deviate from the existing endocrinologist report then i would like to exercise my patients choice to be referred to another endocrinologist for a second opinion, i have not arranged to see doctor aj privately.

    I trust that you will give consideration to my situation and put in place remedial action that will allow you to effectively manage my condition that are having such a detrimental effect on my life.

    Can you please ensure that a copy of this letter is placed on my medical file within the practise?

    yours sincerely


  • hi nicola

    why did you ask your gp to refer you to an endo in the NHS front the thryroid uk list. They will have a list of those in the NHS that will use different approach. i dont want you wasting time being refer to and endo that is not going to be useful

    i totally understand i suffer with terrible anxiety and i was diagnosed with depression and anxiety and took the drigs and still trying to work out my medication

    dont give up.

    You can ask then to refer you to any endo i think.


  • maybe just maybe I may ask for her to refer me to dr skinner x

  • i will go to a proper endo who can do scans and all that.

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