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Dopamine, restless and hyperthyroidism



I have Graves disease, I've been on a maintaing dose of 5mg since December. I was diagnosed mid-September and my last blood test shows:

T4 - 15 (9-19)

TSH - 2.2 (0.4-5)

Since my TSH increased, I've been hyper-active, restless. I cannot sleep but I'm never tired. I do more and more sport to try to calm me down. My GP thinks I may have an excess of dopamine. My appointment with my endo is in 3 weeks.

I must specify that I'm not on coke ;-) and that I don't even drink coffee or take vitamins.

Have somebody here experienced the same symptoms?

Thanks a lot lot for your help!


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Hi Nat, I've read hundreds of articles on thyroid and never have read anything about a connection to dopamine. Have you found any information about it? What are you taking 5mg of??? There is a large selenium connection however. You might try some of that.

I'm surprised with a TSH of over 2 that you feel hyper and you T4 seems about right. I wonder what your FT3 is since that is the active form. Let's say it is HIGH and look at this chart.

I understand now what is happening as I'm having my periods today: my TSH is increasing my progesterone and progesterone has always given me restlessness and hyperactivity. The higher my TSH gets, the more hyper-active I'm. I feel a lot better today and for the next 14 days probably.

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