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Just wondering if someone can give me an idea what my TSH should be. I find lots of conflicting information and the NHS say below 5 when I get my results. I was above 5 but last time and they have upped my meds by 25mg but don't feel any different. That was a few weeks ago as I'm going back today after another blood test. Should I feel any different by now or am I expecting miracles over night?

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You might want to re-post this in the questions section as it might get missed in the blogs section.

When I lower or increase my levothyroxine (T4), which is what I assume you are taking, I notice a difference in a few days but I have been taking it for over two years and it has built up in my system.

You should be aiming for a TSH of one or under to feel better and having a TSH of 5 would certainly leave you feeling ill.

I don't think an increase of 25mcg's would have lowered your TSH from five to one or under so this is probably why you a feeling no better. It takes time to get your dosage right and as long as your GP keeps increasing until you feel better you will get there in the end.

Hope this makes sense.

Moggie x

PinkPalmTree in reply to Moggie

Thanks Moggie x

I was on my phone so I must have posted in the wrong section.

My GP is good, I changed surgeries recently and its the best thing I ever did. The receptionist always rings to tell me that my blood test results and that my thyroid is 'normal' (based on what the lab says from my results) but when I see the GP he always tells me its too high so I make a point of not going off the phone call and always make an appointment.

Knowing that 5 is still high is really helpful :-)

cal1971 in reply to PinkPalmTree

Always ask for the EXACT TSH level of your test ( or get them to print your TSH levels out for you) and keep a record as they will say you are 'within range' anywhere under 5 (ish) but the difference between 0.5 and 4.7 might make a massive difference to how you feel- have a look through other posts on TSH and see!

PinkPalmTree in reply to cal1971

Thanks Cal. The actual result was 5.43. I've got an appointment with the doctor today.


Your TSH should be 1 or below, or even suppressed if you still feel unwell. Sometimes the addition of some T3 may do the trick.

It depends how long you have been taking medication but it has to be the correct amount otherwise you will still have symptoms.

How much medication are you taking altogether and what are your latest blood test results complete with the ranges so that someone can comment.

Moggie is right - copy and paste to the questions section.

I will copy and paste the question in the correct section.

I'm on 75mg now. I was on 50mg for the last 3 years. I'm 30 now and was diagnosed with hypothyroidism at the age of 15 but my doctor never did anything about it and at the time I didn't know what is was. I've been ill for as long as I can remember. It's only in the last few years when I had a blood test that I was given medication. I only recently found out about results so I did ask for a print out last month and was given the following information...

TSH: 5.43

Free T4: 16.8

Free T3: 4.0

Hiphypo in reply to PinkPalmTree

What a shame - I really hope you get some correct treatment and feel much better soon.

PinkPalmTree in reply to Hiphypo

Thanks Hiphypo

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