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Overactive thyroid with muscle and joint pain

I have severe muscle, joint pain and carpal tunnel, after being referred to Rheumatology I was diagnosed with overactive thyroid and the Registrar confirmed this was what was causing my pain.

However, since this my GP and my Endocrinologist have both said that whilst it is not impossible that the pain is down to my thyroid my symptons would usually be found in someone with underactive thyroid not in OVERactive thyroid and when my levels are normal will test for autoimmune disease if the pain is still there. I have just been tested for thyroiditis but results not back yet.

I am really worried as the pain is getting worse, has anyone else had similar pain with hyperthyroidism?

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I have an under active thyroid. I have severe muscle and joint pain especially in my hands and wrists. When I was pregnant I was tested for all sorts of problems and nerve tests etc. They said that it was not carpal tunnel, I had to wear splints for a long time. I put all the problems down to my thyroid problems.


I have an underactive thyroid. I sufffer joint pain and bad cramps in toes and calves.Sometimes it feels like I am coming down with the flu. You could be suffering from Fibromyalga, which is a bit like M.E.. Talk to your GP when you get your results, and is necessary ask for blood tests to rule it out. It's trial and error all the way.Good luck



I to have an overactive thyroid and would have alot of aches & pains. the only way I can describe it to people is that it feels like really bad flu symptoms. Like when you have the flu & ache for days. The pains can last for days sometimes then go away for a while and then come back again. But I read that if there's too much thyroid in your body then your muscles will absorb some of it as do all your cells/muscles, so I can only assume that this is why I get the aches & pains. Hope this helps

Nichola x


just seen this- I have joint pain in right elbow- i have put down to RSI but could be due to auo immune i have been overactive twice now. I am going to endo this wek so will mention this i guess .


I also suffer with over active thyroid have done for the last 3-4 years. I have recently been suffering with muscle pain sort of like cramp but not cramp, a few weeks ago I lifted my leg to show my new boots and I sudenly was in the most pain in my thigh, the pain was so bad that my mother had to get a chair because I could not put my leg down. After about 10 mins it started to wear off enough for me to put my leg down. This happened again about 15 mins later and although the pain eased, I found it difficult to walk on it. I went to my GP as I had also been suffering with pain in my arms, neck and chest. I had a calcium blood test but that was ok. The only way I can discribe how I feel is that my musceks seem to be getting a lot weaker, wrists, hands ect. I am due to see my gp and will ask him if there is a test for this. So your not alone hope this helps although it does not give you the reason why.


I get the same pain when I left my legs up to put my shoes on its like your hip have come a way from the bone


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