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T3 availability

Hi Just a quick question

My daughter lives in mexico but does not have private insurance. My daughter has had an under active thyroid for at least 10 years and I have given her quite a few links regarding her own journey. Her Gp has agreed to try her on T3 but said it is not available from the normal channel but will try find more info. Does anyone have any info on how they can acquire it in Mexico.

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Jacaranda I understand your dilemma but unfortunately us thyroid sufferers in the UK are in the same dilemma the only uk manufacturer Mercury Pharma are having manfacturer problems and are out of stock until maybe september if then. Sufferers in this country have been totally panicked and stressed trying to locate what is left of any T3 meds phoning the manufacturer and doctors and chemists. It's a total disgrace. I do beleive there are other manufacturers that make the medicine. The link shows the different countries and names of T3 perhaps you can locate it through one of those channels good luck.


Hi thank you for the information.

I'm not sure what my daughter means by her "not available"

I will update the post on Sunday hopefully.

thanks again for your help


May I clarify what you are asking? (I have read it several times and am still unsure. Better to ask than to assume!)

Are you saying that the usual way of buying T3 in Mexico is out of stock at the moment?

Or that T3 is not available from the usual street corner pharmacies from which most other medicines are purchased?


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Hi Rod.

Thank you for your reply.

I will clarify what my daughters "not available" means as I agree it is not clear what her difficulty is.

I will update on Sunday as she is celebrating the Sabbath at the moment.


I was aware t3 is easy to buy in mexico than most.....I in fact get mine from there and shipped to uk.........or r u ssying gp wont perscribe it?



Thanks for your reply.

Is it possible you could give me contact details for the supplier/source of T3 in Mexico. I know her Gp is prepared to try her on it.

Many thanks


Mind, buying from abroad can be very different to buying within a country. For example, UK prescription only medicines can be sold abroad without prescription by UK pharmacies under some circumstances. (There have been changes to stop pharmacies selling medicines which would leave the UK short.)


Thank You x


Hi, We've bought it over the counter in Mexico at several different pharmacies. V. cheap too.

Jane x x


Thank you x


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