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Stomach problems and feeling sick no noticeable diarrhea or constipation other illnesses ruled out is this ibs

Since the beg. of this year have had stomach cramps nausea and bloating have had the usual tests blood including faecal., endoscopy, ultra sound and a Ct scan. Nothing found does this sound familiar I am over 60 and have never had anything like this before. I thought ibs symptoms came and went mine seem to be there all the time although not always severe and better at night. Also depressed. Can you advise please. Should I try the fodmap diet will be seeing dietician soon.

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Hi Annie w. can I ask if you take anti depressants? If so did your symptoms coincide with when you started them?


No I don't take antidepressants my gastro enterologist thinks it may have come on as the result of an infection I didn't have all the usual symptoms of a viral infection again no diarrhea or vomiting just the cramps and nausea which has developed into this constant problem I have described. I do not know what to do about it as it is affecting my life a lot. I am planning to go away soon and already worried about how I will be and how it will affect my friends who may have to produce a special diet etc. I know the worry makes it worse and have been thinking of taking antidepressants for the anxiety. I know they are sometimes prescribed for ibs and can also help the discomfort but you imply perhaps not a good idea? Any further advice very welcome. It is good to talk to other people about it.


Hi Annie, 'ibs' is just a label given by Drs to ANY gastro symptom that they do not know more about.

It sounds like you could have bacterial overgrowth...ask your Gastro to test for it.

Other option is see a Naturopath which is what someone else on here suggested to me the other day. I prefer this option as the Dr will prescribe antobiotics which in my opinion can kill good bacteria so catch22!

You might be able to clear it up with probiotics ( keep them sugar and dairy free unless you can also get tested for intolerances).


Yes!!!! So agree with you! I have had symptoms for 20yrs!got with a naturopath dr that specializes in gastro & she did more for me in one visit that any other dr or specialist! Well I tested extremely high for SIBO. Antibotics, probiotics & gap diet for a month then fodmap diet for 3-6 months. The antibiotics can't get rid of all the bacteria, but with special diet of not feeding the bacteria, the rest will die off!!! Soooo many w/ ibs go undiagnosed. A huge percentage have SIBO they are finding out. Hopefully anybody that reads this will seriously get tested & put an end to suffering :)


Lol...oops sorry that 'someone' was you! :-).

Have you tried acupuncture?


Hi Annie, I, too, am over 60 and have recently been diagnosed with IBS after all the tests. However, the more I've read about IBS, the more I recognised that I've had the symptoms for quite some time and just thought that everybody got cramps after after eating and felt bloated a lot of the time. It was only when I had a particularly bad episode last year that I went to the doctor. Like you, my symptoms are there most of the time, but the severity waxes and wains. At the moment I'm taking Mebeverine - an antispasmodic - which helps to some extent, but I do have to be extra vigilant about what I eat. I would definitely go back to your doctor and ask what else he/she can offer you. If you're a member of the IBS Network there is a lot of information available, also at patient.co.uk. I know many health professionals use the www.patient site and if you put in 'irritable bowel syndrome' you will find treatments available, including anti-depressants. In the past, I have printed out information from this site and taken it to my doctor to explain my concerns. Good luck.


I an trying to eliminate wheat and most dairy ( skimmed milk only in 2 or 3 cups of tea per day) non dairy spread , colpermine ;peppermint tea I cannot even pin down the stomach pain to post meals it seem to be a bit random. I have been on antibiotics and have been prescribed mebeverine-but have not taken it yet do you find you can take it when a spasm comes on or do you have to take it before meals I do not really want to take it all the time.I am going to go back to my gp after I have seen the dietician and heard finally from my gastro enterologist I am extremely depressed and considering going on antidepressants. Is this a good idea? .


You sound like me!! this could well be IBS, thankfully nothing serious has been found through the tests you have had. I too had all those tests last year and nothing more than ulcers were found, it did put my mind at rest..however it still gave me no real answer as to why I was feeling so awful :(

I have been doing the low fodmap diet for the IBS, I did find it helped me identify troublesome foods, I have recently had a relapse in symptoms though..and indeed can relate to feeling depressed, its flippin miserable when life is ruled by your gut!!

My best advice to you would be keep bowels regular by taking some linseed or flaxseeds daily, drink lots of water or squash, I feel more nauseous if I dont drink enough through the day. try some peppermint tea (fab for nausea) also gets rid of trapped wind, which could be making you feel bloated and sick. Motilium is also good for nausea as it contains domperidone an anti nausea med, you can buy this over the counter at the pharmacy (worth a try).

Id also strongly consider trying an elimination diet, I feel less bloated and windy since giving up wheat and have also noted that dairy foods make me bloated and cause me nausea, mostly if i eat very creamy stuff, the odd bit of butter and cheese dont seem to hurt..its a long and arduous process finding out what the triggers are but well worth doing if it gives you the relief from symptoms.

best of luck. x


You should not give up trying to find the cause I am like you ever thing I eat it drink even water send me to the toilet within about ten mins. I have had every test going even a breath text and a bacteria test nothing although I did not complete the tests as I needed the loo so often I was told they were inconclusive.

Keep pushing for an answer.


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