Hi, Im starting to get a bit worried. Please listen and see what you think. 6 months ago I had some stomach pains, a lot of bloating, along with a little bit of blood in my stool, and I got very constipated the week after. Doctor felt around and said just constipation and try some laxatives. They didn't really work and I had a whole bottle of lactulose and didn't have much success. Now I'm really bloated and my stomach hurts. Ive had 12 movicol sachets in 3 days and haven't had a bowel movement yet? Does this sound like diverticulitis? I mean, I did have some pencil thin and pellet stool a few months ago but that could just be because of constipation. I'm worried that I have a bowel obstruction or something, but usually at the moment I'm doing about one poo a week, and it's always a big size poo, just hard. So surely that wouldn't be able to fit through if there was an obstruction?

I'm just panicking because I can't seem to go to the toilet and laxatives aren't really working

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  • Also, I have swollen glands in my neck that won't go. And Im having bit of undigested food in my poo and mucus. Does this sound more like IBS or diverticulitis

  • Hi I would go back to GP

    Very Best Wishes

  • I'd definitely go back to the docs. Have you had a colonoscopy? That would be the best way of seeing what's going on.

  • I will request a colonoscopy when I go to my doctor next. But that would require me to flush my bowels out. But if there was an obstruction that wouldn't be possible right?

  • Hi i cango 2-3weeks alot of the timex

  • Do you just have IBS? I just feel like none of the laxatives work, they just give me diarrhea without much actual stool then nothing else after that

  • Go back to your GP .insist on having all the blood /stool tests and colonoscopy .Without tests and internal investigation of colon All is speculation . Don't worrry about the cleanse ,they have ways of making you go,! Good luck .

  • When I went to A&E they did do me a few blood tests to look for infection and my Complete cell count was normal, so there wasn't an infection

  • I have diverticulitis and IBSC .Diverticulitis as a result of years of straining with IBSC .Colonoscopy identified diverticula which has made my colon very bendy windy slowing transit making IBSC worse .So,I eat a very restricted diet following Fodmaps mostly .Onions /Leeks / fresh peas a complete no no .Bread no more than two slices a day .Lots of home made root veg soups and salads .resrticted red meat ,lots of fish and chicken and home cooked veg . no take outs ....Ever .Limited alcohol to occasional glass red wine .Regular 400mgs magnesium . ,probiotics ,goats yoghurt lactofree milk no other dairy,peppermint oil for early am cramps .lactulose on occasions if things stop .keep up the fluids .BUT start with the colonoscopy which will see diverticular .windy gut or anything else that is physically slowing your gut .Mentally ,anxiety and worry will not help your gut motility either .

    Acupuncture and relaxation excercises have helped me in the past .Last but not least get a daily excercise .in my case brisk walking for 30,40 mins on top of all else I normally do .

  • It's not diverticulitis. I have had it many times over the years and it starts with pain below your navel and travels to you lower left abdomen. You may also diarreah( sometimes constipation bit nothing like your describing)have pain, fever, nausea/vomitting and won't be able to do much.

  • When I started getting the pain it was like in my lower left and right side and in the middle

  • You have to have diverticular present to get an infection. From your post you've had this over 5 months and ifbit were diverticulitus you would of gotten better or been hospitalised by now. It is normal for some people to only pass stools once a week everyones bowel opening times vary. Constipation can be painful if left untreated but you did your still passing large stools. Drink plenty of fluid and cut down on insoluable fibre as too much can cause constipation as can prolonged use of laxatives.

  • Okay So do you think more IBS then? I'm thinking it could be to do with gut bacteria and my diet

  • Your symptoms point towards ibs but you need to be diagnosed professionally. I have ibsa wich alternates between diarreah and constipation, i also have diverticular diease which was diagnosed after my ibs but is more than likey caused by the use of loperamide that i used for ibsd which i was diagnosed with aged 14. Constipation can be caused by too much insoluble fibre, not enough fluids and lack of exercise.

  • I have the same, make sure you drink at least three pints of water a day, and plenty of fruit and veg and exercise Help's a lot

  • Don't worry about the mechanics of the colonoscopy - it's a bit of a faff, but if you follow instructions you are completely cleared out n preparation. I was really dreading mine, but it's really not dreadful, and they can get an enormous amount of information about what's happening n your gut. I'd go back to the GP and make sure they know all your symptoms. Good luck.

  • Hi Dylan I truly feel for you. I suffer from diverticulitis and have ulcerative colitis. It really sounds like you need to go to the hospital to and get put on a drip to help clean you out. It will really help you and you will get a correct diagnosis. I truly wish you well and take good care of yourself. Jan 🤗🤗🌹🌷🌹xxx

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