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Unusual timing?

Hi, i have had IBS for years now, but It was only properly diagnosed two tears ago! I have always had sore stomachs but it took me a long time to go see anyone about it and then i only went because i wanted Ibs confirmed, i am on the C-side of ibs and have gotten to the point where every time i go to the toilet i am physically crying trying to go! Usually unsuccessfully!! The Dr has put me on bisacodyl which helped a little but i have now gone on a 3 month exchange with uni to mainland Europe and my ibs has just gotten so much worse! I'm not eating any differently to how i would eat in the UK really and i'm not stressed out, other than about my ibs, even then not full blown stress!! I don't know why my ibs has done this but it is really starting to get me down and i don't want it to ruin what jas been an amazing experience!!!

I should put on a few details about my ibs: my known triggers are; lactose, alcohol, fizzy drinks, bread, fast food like chips ect...

My usual symptoms are bloating, pain, embarrassingly: flatulence, sometimes nausea, constipation that can then go the complete opposite way!!!

I currently take buscopan and peppermint oil capsules but have also tried audmonal and mebeverine in the past, i find that buscopan gives the best if not total relief.

I do have a high stress job i suppose (nursing) but i don't find it stressful.

I have issues with using bathrooms that aren't my own so i find it difficult to go anywhere public, and have been known to leave my friends early because i want to go... I don't know if there is anyone else with a similar issue?

So any suggestions would be very much appreciated!!! Thanks!!!

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Hi this sounds exactly the same as my symptoms but I'm more D with occasional C around the time of my month. Firstly Ibs getting you down is normal but it's a case of thinking you have it and that's it now deal with it. I take buscopan also but I found peppermint capsules actually made me worse. I also take spasmonal forte ( alverine ) and loperamide. I only drink bottled water and camomile or green tea. No fried, fizzy, spicy, oily food. As for reacting while travelling that's not unusual as different countries cook differently try to stick to quite basic foods if possible as European countries do tend to use lots of oil. Up your medication if required but most of all don't be embarrassed, your friends if real friends will understand and let's be real we all have wind, you just may have a little more not uncommon lol. It is difficult being away but try to enjoy it best you can and although you think your relaxed internally you will be stressing about having a bad stomache or needing to go that's normal too. Most people don't like using public toilets but you may have to so the sooner you accept that the more relaxed you will be. Just hunt out the decent ones before you know it you will be a best toilet connosoir. Hope this helps a little and try to enjoy the rest of your time. If it helps sit down with your friends and explain the good the bad and the windy if your situation just to give them an idea of whats going on, it will make you more at ease also


I have had IBS for many years. When I have constipation that is lower I use glycerine pessaries that was advised to me from my chemist. Instant relief in less than a minute. As for the wind I find gaviscon very helpful although its for indigestion. If I have to eat something that I know will give me wind I take one before I eat it. My killer is read meat and dairy, when I eat this I have instant cramping so I pop my gaviscon and for some reason it helps me digest it. Good luck.


I found Irritable Bowel Solutions by John Hunter helpful. Identified my type of IBS-C as "overload and overflow" . I ran this past my GI doctor and she agreed I should not use senna for a purge, but movicol or miralax. Also daily use citrucel instead of psyllium for daily bulk laxative. Also linseed (flaxseed). Plenty of water and exercise. I use a glycerine suppository to move things along. Since I also have PArkinson's, the IBS-C is a serious problem. I was prescribed Linzess which causes the colon to retain more water. So far it seems to be working because I have not had the crippling pain of which you speak. Also Gas-X, fennel and peppermint teas to release the trapped gas :P I hope you can enjoy your trip. I'd love to travel!


I admire you for travelling with IBS, so as the other person said why don't you explain it to your friends, and if they're good friends they'll understand - although I know this is easier said than done! I've told a few friends but not many! I know public loos aren't great but I always think if there is a loo around it reduces my anxiety however grotty it is! I have the same symptoms as you and I have often left friends' houses early because of my embarrassing stomach - usually dreadful noises, wind and pain. Anyway sometimes I think sod what people think, if they can't cope with basic human functions, then that's their problem! Enjoy your trip, I wish I could be as brave as you!


1) Miralax twice a day. 2) Turmeric supplement. Mine has green tea in it, so I take in the morning as to not affect sleep. I was told this should help within 3 days and I believe it has. 3) gluten free diet 4) limit or discontinue beans, such as kidney etc and black eyed peas.

Hope this gives some avenues you might not have explored.


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