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Bubble sensation in stomach surely not normal?


last night watching TV my stomach felt like there was bubbles in it and it felt like they were popping. very odd i also had bad wind to. does anyone know what it is and has anyone else experienced it?

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Yes and it's perfectly normal for ibs from what i can tell. too put it bluntly its just gas bubbles which explains the wind. I wouldn't worry it seems to happen a lot.

Sadly, yes, i get this too. If feels like a fermentation process sometimes. It comes during a flare up of ibs. I have no idea how to handle it or what to do to make it better.

gabbyleigh in reply to Bibabunny

I have this as well. it makes me feel weird and uncomfortable. it makes me stop what im doing to look at my stomach to see if its moving but its not. anyways you can always talk to your doc. he/she will be able to prescribe medication. I barely take mine because i dont always need it.

Yes I would agree with the other 2 people who have replied. This is a common occurence of IBS in my experience. I have had it for a long time. Sometimes it responds to buscopan and other times not.

Hi, I agree with all of the above as this is also something I experience as well, very embarrasing but there doesn't seem to be alot we can do about it.

Thanks it seems to have stopped for the moment with a little help of carbo veg and a peppermint capsule

A great homeopathic supplement which may help is new era mag phos 8. Very good results with this

alllll the time. Feels like I'm giving birth to an alien baby. When this happens to me, I usually try my best to fart and it goes away. Problem is, sometimes that isn't so easy

I'm really sorry for your alien birth thing but I'm really happy you managed to find the solution that works. Stay healthy!

I got them before when I ate stuff with dairy, when I stopped they went away, ate dairy again and they came back. It usually happens before sleep when I lay on back. I was always allergic to dairy, not bad though but gave me gas, but know it makes my acid reflux flare I think.

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